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Separate Vacations

Ragan isn't thrilled about having to use the Veto, which will certainly result in one of his best friends taking his place on the block. At the meeting, Ragan of course vetoes himself. Brendon stands up in his purple t-shirt and green shorts (Joker workout gear) to name his replacement: Matt. Matt takes the news with equanimity, but manages to keep a poker face by hiding behind the hood of his sweatshirt and his 19 o'clock shadow. Ragan's upset about having to throw a friend under the bus, and Enzo says this is the worst-case scenario: "Two Brigade members up in the block...It might be time for Matty to get whacked." Britney is hugely relieved, but I think she's in for a shock tomorrow night, though probably not as much as Kathy. Lane DRs that he just demoted Matt from brother to stepbrother, because he'll do what he has to to stay in the house. Of course, everyone is operating on the assumption that it's going to be either Lane or Matt no matter what, but Matt gloats in the DR about his Diamond Power of Veto, which he can't wait to use at the eviction and see Brendon's face. Can Matt nominate Brendon? Because that would be awesome.

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