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Pandora's Box, Part II

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A Lying Liar Who Never Lies

Jordan's making it look like they're right, because she's off in the green room crying. She DRs about how she wants to be left alone, and doesn't want to be part of any scheming, because she misses Jeff. In another conversation in the same clothes, Natalie and Kevin decide Jordan's actually pretty good since she almost won HoH. Then Natalie tells Kevin she has to nominate him, so that Jordan and Michele won't think they're aligned. Because they haven't made that obvious over the past four weeks or anything. Kevin hilariously says, "It's been five minutes and 25 seconds and Natalie's already suffering from HoH-itis. The power has gone to her head. Do I have to slap the bizznatch?" Yes, please.

Natalie comes hopping and skipping out in a bikini wondering who wants to see her HoH room. Everyone loves her pictures, including one of her as a kid in glasses that Michele calls "dorkalicious." Jordan can tell Natalie's boyfriend is older (than Natalie says she is). She got a blanket from her boyfriend that smells like him. They congratulate her on being the "next and last HoH." That doesn't make sense, does it? She's the current HoH, and there is a final HoH, who brings someone to the final two.

Natalie's carrying out her plan to convince the girls that she's not with Kevin by telling them she's putting Kevin up. Jordan: "Shut up." Natalie says he's her friend, so she's not going to sit here and talk about him, but he's going on the block. She says he's a strong, fierce competitor and will win the game. Even Jessie will vote for him now that he got Jeff out. Michele points out she has no friends in the jury house since she voted for Jeff to stay. Natalie says she had a deal with Kevin for final four, and so she's honored that deal to him. In the diary room, Natalie says Jordan and Michele are pretty gullible, but she also credits herself on being good at throwing people off. But, remember, y'all, she's totally not a liar. It's all about her word. She's a good liar who never lies. (Don't blame me; it's her logic, not mine.)

Because the show needs to fill some time, they're having a luxury competition. They pair up in teams of two. All the girls put on bikinis and Kevin's in black shorts and tank top. They pretty quickly see mannequins and figure out it's a clothing competition. A bunch of tables are covered with cloth, which has Kevin totally confused. Natalie explains: They'll all play together to win a shopping spree for new clothes. The rules: Team members will split up into two stores that the yard's been divided into. They have to find five articles of clothing that matches what their teammate finds on the other side of the wall, but they can't see each other's choices, so it's all about communication. Which everyone in this house has been so good at this season. When they think they have a match, they put it on and pose in the store window. They have ten minutes to find the five items, and any time left over is what they get to use in the shopping spree.

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