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Pandora's Box, Part II

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A Lying Liar Who Never Lies

Natalie enters her HoH room and finds another Pandora's Box room. She reads the same card Kevin read when he was HoH about how it can release something good or bad upon her or upon the rest of the house. The card goes on that, for the first time in history, she'll have the chance to spend time with a loved one inside the house. She sees on the screen that her boyfriend, Jason, is the one waiting for her. She says she'll do anything she has to. She opens the next envelope, which says the privilege comes with a price: If she chooses to see Jason, she can't play in the final veto competition. Natalie tells us the situation, which is basically she's safe either way, so screw Kevin: She wants to see Jason. She goes in, and he tells her there's only five minutes. Then he proposes with a fake, twisty ring, telling her the real ring's at home. She keeps saying how cool this is, but her body language is not that of someone who's thrilled to be engaged.

Jason gives her another card that says she can have fifteen more minutes for a sushi dinner with him if she presses a button, but the rest of the house might be a little annoyed. She doesn't care, so she pushes the button. As Kevin and Michele sleep in the backyard, some guy dressed up as a baby comes out of the diary room. He's even wearing a diaper and bib. He cries and chases them around with his giant pacifier, saying "Mommy!" Kevin laughs about it in the diary room, saying he wanted to slap the baby. Meanwhile, Jason tells Natalie her dad misses her, and he asked her dad for her hand in marriage. She's all, "Really?" But doesn't seem to care. I hate this. I don't care about Natalie enough to want to see any of her loved ones. Why did she have to win this? I wanted to see Jordan with her Southern mama or Michele with her nerd husband or Kevin with his partner. Now a little person dressed as a cat is chasing them around. He's a copycat, and does everything they do. Jordan DRs that he was cute because he was little, so she wanted to squeeze him, but he was annoying.

Natalie tells Jason that she's not wearing this ring in the house. He seems to think she should, but she says it would hurt her in the game and she is going to make up something bad that happened instead, because then they'll want her to stay. Meanwhile, a person dressed as a roach is tormenting Kevin, Michele, and Jordan. It sprays them with something, and Jordan's very annoyed. Jason and Natalie kiss goodbye. She tells him he's stuck with her now. He knows. Does he really, though? Is he sure? Because she's pretty annoying. Then the pests leave. Except Natalie gets to stay.

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