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Pandora's Box, Part II

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A Lying Liar Who Never Lies

Natalie explains her duty of nominating two houseguests for eviction. This is all filler, even more than usual, because nothing matters but the PoV. But whatever. I'll humor you all by telling you what happens anyway. Natalie looks at the wall. Michele's all, "Who cares? There's no one to choose from." Jordan sort of believes Natalie's lie that she's safe, because Kevin and Michele are her targets, but she also remembers that Jeff told her to stick with Michele and not to believe anything Kevin or Natalie said. So, see? He wouldn't admit it to Julie last episode, but he knew he shouldn't have believed the lie about Russell. Kevin's totally in on Natalie's scheme to put him up, but he doesn't know if she'll follow through because she's a liar. The fact that he knows he's such a liar makes me want him in the jury, because he knows her well enough to not want to vote for her. Natalie's hoping to hide loyalties and allegiances she has with these nominations.

Ceremony. She's wearing a blow-up crown, a bathrobe, and what appear to be sunglasses, but they are really more ski goggle like than is necessary. She's also carrying some sort of staff. She's a king or queen, I guess? Whatever. She looks like more of an idiot than ever. Which is saying something, because... have you seen Natalie? She pulls Jordan's key, and tells Kevin she nominated him because he says this is a game of chance, but she tells him she got him duped and is trying to beat him to the punch and get him out before he gets her out. Then she tells Michele she nominated her "strictly for personal reasons." She feels Michele is a backstabber and a liar. Oh, that's rich. She brings up Michele trying to make a deal with her last week to keep Jeff, and adds that making a deal with Michele is making a deal with the devil. She adjourns the ceremony, and then DRs that she's playing the house like a fiddle, and Michele's really her target. Kevin says he's frustrated with Natalie, for being not only a liar, but she doesn't have Kevin's back at all, since she opted out of the veto competition. Michele rants about how "this devil wins," by saying she'll take Jordan to the final two instead of Natalie, then. She even says, "Ha, ha!" Wow. Did I mention this is the least interesting final four in the history of this show? Well, it is. Thankfully, after PoV, someone will be evicted live on Tuesday, and then the house will be one-quarter more interesting. Meaning that when it's empty it will be 100 percent more interesting than it is now.

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