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Veterans Day -- Again

Rachel and Jordan head into a bedroom and talk about whether to talk to Porsche yet, but Jordan wants to play it cool and maybe go talk later. They both agree on how much they need to win the Veto, and plan to, and expect to.

After a decent amount of time, Jordan and Rachel make their approach to Porsche and Kalia in the HoH room while Adam and Shelly sit outside smoking. Jordan tells us, as if we didn't know, that Rachel sucks at talking to people and needs to shut up. So Jordan does all the talking, making a speech about how Shelly and Adam have been coasting, and even though everyone thinks Rachel's a liar (Rachel can't suppress a derisive laugh at that), suggests a deal for the final four, just in case Porsche or Kalia wins the Veto. Porsche wants no part of working with Rachel, but she likes the idea of having her bets covered if she and Kalia lose. Jordan hustles Rachel out of there before she says something stupid. And Kalia and Porsche figure they're now in good shape no matter who wins the Veto. They win it, cool. Adam and Shelly win it, cool. Jordan and Rachel win it, they have a deal, so cool. The only thing that could go wrong is if the rules change without warning, and what are the chances of that happening?

Next morning, Jordan and Shelly find themselves in the bathroom alone, and it's pretty tense. Jordan ignores Shelly's muttered hello, and of course Shelly can't let that go. At least she complains to Adam about it instead of trying to stir things up with Jordan. Adam is fine with Shelly making herself a target, because it makes people forget about him. As if anyone needs help with that. Shelly maintains that she's playing for her family, not Jeff and Jordan. I just hope she doesn't flip on them too after she gets home.

Veto competition. There are dummies in jumpsuits and helmets, hanging from parachutes in the back yard in front of a sign saying "Duo Do Over." Each dummy has the face of an evicted houseguest on it, and the flat pictures wrapped around the round heads make them look kind of creepy, like a live-action GoldenEye 007 N64. Everyone still in the game has their original partner up there, so no Donatos. Porsche explains that each player will grab onto their dummy and hang there. The person who stays up the longest wins PoV.

After a lot more explanation of how important this PoV competition is and how critical it is for everyone to win, the horn sounds and the dummies are craned up with their partners wrapped around them. Rachel deploys her legs around Brendon "like I always do." Ew, don't remind me. Kalia takes some time finding a good position. Adam is still deluded that anyone gives a shit about him so he needs to win, but at the same time he can't seem to keep his hands on the strap for even five minutes. "Apparently I need more time at the gym," he admits ruefully in the DR. Obviously Shelly is disgusted, because her partner sucks and she's on her own in this now.

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