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Veterans Day -- Again

Kalia and Porsche are having the converse discussion in the storage room, and Kalia says they'll have to steal Jordan away from Rachel at some point. One area of agreement she does have with the two veterans is that Shelly and Adam are pretty useless. So it's looking like Kalia and Porsche are thinking about a new final four. Because what else are they going to do?

Shelly goes into the Have-Not room to apologize to Jordan. Jordan apologizes back for blowing up at her, and says Shelly stabbed her in the back. Shelly again gets weepy and talks about playing for her family and how she had been letting Jeff and Jordan get in front of that. She claims to have tortured herself and has paid "the ultimate price" over her decision, even though she's still alive. She says Jordan would have taken Jeff with her, and says she fully expects Jordan and Rachel to vote her out this week. Jordan's still hurt, and Shelly goes in for the hug when Jordan starts crying as well. They call a truce, and Jordan DRs that while she'll forgive Shelly, she won't forget. That's very moving, and probably would have been even more so had Rachel not won the Veto.

Later, in a different room, with different clothes on, Shelly is talking to both Rachel and Jordan, saying she knows she has no shot at the final two now, but begging them for a chance to stay a little longer anyway. Rachel, demonstrating her sincerity by wearing her sunglasses in the house, says they'll need votes in the future. Shelly says she now doesn't want any of the other three newbies to win either, so she's on Rachel and Jordan's side, even offering to throw an HoH to them. As if she's going to still be in the house at that point. But Shelly seems to think she might be. "If they take me to the final three there is no way I'm handing them the money," she tells us. Shelly leaves them to think it over, and the editors wisely cut away from Jordan and Rachel before either of them can cackle over what a bridge-straining load of crap that was.

It's Veto day, and even though we all know what's going to happen, we still have to watch Rachel stare at the memory wall and listen to Porsche's regrets about opening Pandora's Box. Finally Rachel calls the Veto meeting, and they assemble in the living room to watch Rachel de-nominate herself and Jordan. Then Porsche has to go through the formality of nominating Adam and Shelly as the replacements, and Rachel adjourns the Veto meeting.

Adam makes a missing-the-point DR speech about how he's going to fight to stay in the game. Why change strategies now? Shelly has deluded herself that she can pull it off, and Rachel continues to be excited about her and Jordan's "perfect" situation. Jordan DRs she and Rachel need to "start thinking smarter." Otherwise the producers are going to have to step in and rescue them again.

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