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Pawn Triumphant

Bathroom. Daniele's collected herself enough to have a conversation with Nick on the loveseat in the bathroom. She says in so many words that she did know he was going to get nominated, but that she didn't want it to happen, and that she couldn't have told him. She asks him very seriously whether he voted to evict Kail last week; he says no, and blue-and-white footage confirms it. Daniele says that everyone thinks he did vote against the group, and Nick shrugs that they'll all look dumb after the game, then. Oh, I don't think it'll take that long for them to look dumb. Nick's still radiating rage waves, so Daniele tells him not to be mad at her, because she's trying to help him. Nick is not so sure, but he tells her that he wants her to know that his feelings for her are real. He never screwed her over, and had promised Dick that he never would. As Nick leaves, Daniele whines after him, and Nick tells her it's fine, but that it sucks that she knew all along and didn't say anything to him. Hard to argue with that, though maybe they really are just hanging out and don't have an alliance per se. Maybe they're the Big Brother game version of a couple who see other people.

Stomp stomp stomp. Nick confronts Dustin in a bedroom (where he's comforting a still-crying Amber) to show off how totally okay he is with his nomination. He says that it's a game, and that he's ready for anything, but that Dustin should have told him what was going to happen. Dustin says it wasn't that easy. Nick makes a big deal of saying how he just wants people to be honest to his face, and that he'd asked to know if he was going to be nominated and that Dustin should have told him, and Dustin keeps nodding sagely because he knows it's all a moot point anyway. Nick stomps out, and Amber...starts crying again. She's going to dehydrate herself at this rate.

In the bedroom with the round beds, Kail and Jen are hanging out and Dick is apparently rooting through some trash when suddenly he gets a wild hair and starts berating Jen AGAIN for throwing the Veto Competition. Jen says, rightly, that she didn't tell Jameka to use the Veto on her if she won it (which is probably a better tack than denying that she threw it, when it's pretty clear she did), but Dick isn't having it, calling Jen a bitch and a scumbag and, tellingly, ordering her to get that smug look off her face, so that, in case you weren't sure, you can definitely tell that what bothers him most is not how badly Jameka was used by Jen, but that his abuse of Jen isn't getting a rise out of her, like, at all. As the Dick soundtrack of lame '80s guitars picks up in intensity (and Kail unobtrusively gets up and drifts out), Dick runs down how she took her mother's photo off the wall when she was HoH and how she took a piece of candy when she was four and other character flaws of Jen's that are offensive to Dick's delicate sensibilities. Jen insists that she's not a bad person. Dick says that Saddam Hussein thought he was a good person too (because...that's the same), and that Jen is a fucking piece of shit and is going to get the life she deserves. As Dick paces like a junkie, Jen starts egging him on, and he comes to stand at the foot of her bed (she's lying on her stomach, looking over her shoulder at him), and I swear to God, I didn't know if this scene was going to end with him punching her, or worse. He's just so angry, so disproportionately to the situation. He's the Amber of rage. Jen finally says that nothing Dick says about her bothers her in the least. Dick sarcastically agrees, saying that it's because she has "nothing inside." Jen says all that matters is how she feels about herself, and Dick sarcastically agrees again, and then, because he's out of comebacks, he stalks out. Left alone, she laughs at him. Only sane response, people.

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