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Pawn Triumphant

At this point, a shirtless Nick appears at the sliding doors, having heard only a muffled version of this debate, and yells at Jen, "Get the fuck out of here." He's finished his mohawk, by the way, though some would say that the effect of it is somewhat diminished by his choice to wear it with a bandanna tied around his head. Shut up, Nick's hair. Outside, Dick -- getting a contact rage boner -- suggests to whomever he's with that they go inside and watch a fight. THAT INVOLVES HIS DAUGHTER. I mean, not that I think Dick should try to calm Daniele down or whatever, but maybe he could take less spectatorly delight in the fact that she's so upset. Inside, Daniele whines at Nick to let her speak for herself. "Dumb bitch," Nick mutters at Jen as he stomps past. Daniele spins the situation, again, to Jen's being jealous of Nick and Daniele's awesome "friendship," and taking that jealousy out on Daniele. Jen's like, "Yeah, no," and starts to smirk a little in disbelief as Daniele rages on about Jen's "little comments." Jen starts to say something about being friends with Daniele, but now Dick is involved, announcing that Daniele doesn't want to be friends with Jen. I think Jen's probably okay with that. Now figuring that she has nothing to lose, Jen reiterates that she doesn't think it's good to cheat on people, and that Daniele herself has said that Kris, her boyfriend at home, was engaged to someone else and dumped her to date Daniele. Daniele pouts so hard it actually looks like she's doing it for comic effect, and she bitterly tells Jen that she doesn't know the story at all. Dick: "[Glare.]" Daniele is telling Jen that she has "very poor values," and as she's in the middle of her sentence, Dick strolls over to Jen and dumps what's left of his beverage on her head. Jen's like, "Seriously?" Daniele tries to hide her delighted smile. Dick leaves. Jen fluffs out her hair, nonplussed.

Time for Nick to come back. As he walks in, Daniele walks out, smiling to herself. Jen starts to say something about someone being twelve, and Nick fucking goes off on her, yelling, "Get out of here!" and telling her not to talk about Daniele behind her back. Jen's like, "Uh, she was right here, and I would say it to her face if she hadn't just fled the area." Jen says that she was saying it about Dick, for obvious reasons, and Nick's like, "Nobody likes you!" Good one, genius. "Okay!" says Jen. You guys, I never thought I would say or even think it, but Jen might be too good for these people. Nick gets into a Dick-esque rant about Jen's many character flaws, and Jen says, "I don't even care." Nick goes outside rather than try to think up any more material.

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