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Pawn Triumphant

Augh, LNC. Eric kicks off by making a case against Kail. Everyone else in the room is like, "The hell?" He shoots a look at the people on the bed, taking the wind out of Eric's sails, but he soldiers on, saying that she's not as out of it as people think, and that they should get rid of her. Dick says that what he doesn't want for Nick is to survive nomination and get comfortable. The shock of nomination is over; now they need to act on it.

Outside, Dick demonstrates that Eric's case didn't fall on deaf ears, as he and Daniele discuss whether ousting Nick at this juncture is the best play for them. Shocking a nation, Daniele doesn't think it is! I know! In the DR, Dick says he's back and forth on Nick; he wants Kail to go. Back in the yard, Dick says that they don't have to go along with the group because everyone is just looking out for their own interests. The idea! Daniele DRs that keeping Nick this week would be best for her strategically. And, for her pants.

Live check-in, augh. Julie seeks reviews on Nick's new do. Dude, the bandanna? If you're going to cut a mohawk, commit. Surprise, Amber loves it. Eric's homage to Nick's hair: whatever. Teagate? Jen's used to Dick's outbursts. Dick doesn't want to apologize, and wishes the glass had been more full. Jen laughs. We're all friends during the live show! Why does God want Jameka in the house? To win, she hopes.

More DR. Nick is Zach's biggest ally in the game. (It's at this point, by the way, that I realize Zach is the fratty, American version of Jemaine from Flight Of The Conchords.) Zach would vote for any person Nick told him to, no questions asked. Except last week, I guess. Jameka wants Nick out because Zach is his slave, so without Nick, Zach will be lost in the game. Jessica really hates Kail. Jameka wants to keep Kail because she does the dishes. Yes, that was a big concern of the Lord's, too.

HoH interview. Does Dustin regret taking the money and trip? He does regret not winning for Jameka's sake, but he does understand that he'll have a life after this game is over, and that he'll be able to enjoy it with cash in pocket and a trip abroad. What does Dustin think about Dick's bullying toward the female houseguests? Dustin thinks he takes things too far, but it doesn't affect Dustin, and Dick's craziness took the heat off Dustin for taking the money and the trip in the Veto Competition. Good point, and probably the reason we'll be living with Dick for most of this summer.

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