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Pawn Triumphant

Nominees, beg for your lives! Kail doesn't take any day in the house for "granite." She loves her friendships with all the other houseguests, and looks forward to more good times with them in or out of the house. Blah blah. Nick sounds like he knows he's going, so he decides to direct most of his parting thoughts to Daniele. She smiles delightedly but doesn't meet his eyes as he says that meeting her forced him to throw out his game plan. He thinks she's beautiful and smart, he's smitten with her, and he enjoyed his time in the house largely because of her. It'll be hard to leave the house, but the hardest will be for him to leave her. As Julie recaps the situation, Kail reaches for Nick's hand and he totally disses her. Heh.

Voting! Jen votes to evict Nick.

Zach votes to evict Kail.

Jameka votes to evict Nick.

After commercials? More voting. Eric's up, and since we know how he's "voting," he tells America that, next week, they should target Jen and Kail again, and this time, America has Eric's personal guarantee that one of them will go home. Sure, that guarantee's money in the bank.

Jessica votes to evict Nick.

Amber, fucking fiddling with her necklace nonstop, starts crying as she votes to evict Nick.

Dick makes sure to settle right into his DR pose -- even though he's going to be there for all of thirty seconds -- and votes to evict Nick.

Daniele does a queer little "cute" shrug, and then starts crying as she votes to evict Nick.

By a vote of 6 to 2, Nick is evicted. He gives Daniele a chaste kiss on the cheek, and in the hubbub, we see Amber walk past the camera, crying so hard I am actually a little concerned that all the salt is just going to melt the skin right off her face. There are more hugs, and then Nick is gone.

As Nick gets settled, nothing of much consequence ahppens in the house, except more crying, and more hugging. Even Dustin is crying a little.

Chenderdome. Is Nick going to pursue Daniele outside the house? Surprisingly, he does not announce his intentions to cock-block Kris. Does he know who voted for Kail last week, other than Zach? Nick thinks Jen. But guess what! Julie cues up a video package in which Eric explains about America's Player. Nick actually seems genuinely delighted by the twist, and offers another "expect the unexpected" to show he really means it. Zach hopes they can be real friends. (By Nick's expression, I would say Zach shouldn't bother clearing his schedule.) Kail thought she'd be up against Zach. Dick thinks Nick made some mistakes. Amber sobs as she says she lied to Nick about whether she knew he was going. Daniele didn't think she'd have such a "strong friendship" with Nick; she's sorry he didn't make it further.

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