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Please Send This Boring Jerk Home

Jen comes upstairs and interrupts the HoH conversation among Jessica's alliance. Jessica tells us she didn't really appreciate Jen's presence, but this is just about all you'll be seeing of Jen for a while, so I hope you don't like her either. Because Jen has been working with Dick for a week or two, Jessica assumes that Jen is just there to listen in so that she can report to Dick and Daniele, because she doesn't understand that Jen has staked out such a no-man's-land territory at this point that she can literally align with whomever happens to be HoH, and they don't have a good reason not to believe her. She doesn't take anything overly personally to the point where it interferes with her game, so she doesn't have disorienting grudges, but she also doesn't really have any friends.

Downstairs, Dick and Daniele talk about how much they need to get the veto. "This is extremely important to me that Daniele stay," he says. He tells us that he must get everyone to hate him so that Daniele can stay. Again, this is ironically Dick's cheapening of Daniele -- he's just selling her as a prop in his own story, propping up his image and his tale by passing off as a rescue mission what is actually just the bubbling over of his id.

So. Let's meet Dick's id, shall we? The next morning, everyone is sleeping, when Dick hops out of bed and goes and gets a pot lid and a spoon from the kitchen. With everyone still asleep, Dick takes these items in by Dustin's bed and bangs them right next to Dustin's ear repeatedly. What follows is a montage from what was, combined, like a forty-five-minute rant in which Dick went around vowing to make everyone's lives a living hell until they sent him home. It's dumb, of course, because nothing motivates like spite, and if Dick actually makes these people hate him as much as he's talking about, they're going to spite him by booting his daughter, considering how obvious it is that this is his purported agenda. Either they were going to send him home anyway, or they still won't. This will not change who goes home, because he can't actually keep it up for days, and if he did, the show would put a stop to it, because they won't make a show that's nothing but other people sitting in a locked room and Dick talking to himself. But anyway.

The short version is that Dick hollers like a nutter about Amber's daughter, Jameka's religion, and everything else. He also repeatedly makes homophobic remarks directed at Dustin, which I'm very glad are included in the version shown on television, although they were (obviously) more explicit for those who saw them live. Ultimately, the rest of the house just starts ignoring Dick, which drives him completely nuts, just like it did when Jen ignored him weeks ago. In fact, when Amber looks like she's about to crack and start responding, Jameka comes and quietly retrieves her to lead her away before she reacts to any of it. I find that moment weirdly touching, with this odd overtone of watching someone dragged away from an abusive boyfriend by a loving friend. Dick preens about how he's very effectively getting to everyone, really looks like the opposite. They're certainly not enjoying it, because it's inconvenient to go hide from him, but for the most part, they've just ignored him and gone about their business. It doesn't look like he was really bothering anyone in the way he intended, except for Amber, who is just as crazy as he is. It would have been more complete if you'd seen all forty-five minutes of crazy, but they showed enough. They gave you the information, including about fifty repetitions of the hilarious and edgy practice of calling a gay man "Princess," and what you do with that information is both up to you and on you. Notably, during this blowup, Daniele brushes her teeth and smirks affectionately about what her dad is up to.

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