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Please Send This Boring Jerk Home

Jameka breaks the news to Daniele that the reason nobody likes her is that nobody likes her, and this is not what Daniele wants to hear, because much like Dick uses her to make himself look good, she very much has been enjoying feeling sorry for herself and hiding behind her dad, letting him work on her behalf while claiming she haaaaates his methods. This is a sign of great cowardice: once you knowingly let someone use particular means on your behalf, you're on the hook, and pretending you're not just means you don't like to be responsible for...well, anything. Eric basically tells Daniele quite clearly and coherently that her failure to act disgusted when her dad went from obnoxious to bigoted does indeed put some responsibility on her, which I agree with. It would put some responsibility on you or on me, too, if we smirked through "princess" and some of the crap he was saying to Amber. I mean, we saw Daniele smirk while he was doing it, so we know she's lying, and the show was very careful to include that clip of her brushing her teeth and smirking, which has no purpose in the story other than to make sure you know she's full of shit during this entire conversation, provided you're paying attention.

Even if you're not paying attention, they're careful to underline that she's full of shit by immediately playing a clip of her in the DR, with her little signature smirk, admitting that it was just strategy -- and, basically, that she was using people's basic compassion for a person with family problems to advance herself in the game. Fair? Yes. Admirable? Not really. Anyway, she then goes and tells her dad to stop being an asshole, because it's not good for her game. Not "Gee, Dad, maybe it would be good if you stopped being a homophobic, bigoted piece of shit," but just, "Gee, Dad, this might not be good for my game." And at that point, she pretty much is responsible, because...put up or shut up, lady. If you're going to play all boo-hoo with everybody about how hard it is to live with him and how pitiable you are because America sees that he's your dad, and then you're going to go and basically tell him you didn't mean it? Yeah, I'm kind of done feeling bad for you, which I tried to do for a while, because your dad really does suck, and that's a bad beat. But it seems that you suck also, all on your own.

After the commercials, we watch as Dustin stupidly offers to go up on the block against whichever person isn't vetoed, assuming Dick vetoes someone. This, of course, is incredibly foolish to a level I'd have to declare "classic," because Eric doesn't control his own vote, and we don't know where Jen and Zach's questionable minds are, and in the event Jen and Zach aren't where you'd like them to be and Eric gets the wrong instructions from America...well. You know. That's a tie, and...then what?

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