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Please Send This Boring Jerk Home

Eric next gets an instruction from America to give the silent treatment to Jessica for twelve hours. This, of course, is not convenient. He decides to feign illness and hide in bed. While he hides, Jen asks Jessica if she's going up, and Jessica says that if she does, Jessica will do all she can to make sure she doesn't go. Jen further tells Jessica that she thinks Dick and Dustin have some kind of a deal, which...what? That part, I did not understand. But Jessica goes to talk to Eric, and he tells her enough to tell her he can't talk, but he kicks her out, telling her he's sick. The buzzer sounds, saying that he failed to give her the silent treatment, which...he doesn't seem to realize, since he keeps trying. Meanwhile, Jessica convinces herself that not only does Dustin have a deal with Dick, but Eric does too, and that's why he's not talking to her. Oh, Jessica. Oh, timing. I have to say, this season is full of people coming up with theories much too complex for their surroundings. "I don't know who to put up," she whispers to the ceiling.

Dick, of course, tells us that he would give his life for Daniele without hesitating, and he's obviously going to use the veto on Daniele to "control who's staying and who's going." Jessica says that she still doesn't know whom to put up if there's a veto, and she's actually kind of weepy in the DR. At the ceremony, Dick gives Daniele an opportunity to speak, and because she already knows what he's going to do, it's cheap for her to say he should do whatever he wants, so she does. Of course, Dick takes Daniele off the block, because, like Marcellas before him, he likes to use the game to prove what a good person he is. Jessica idiotically nominates Dustin, taking away one sure vote against Dick. Dustin further curses himself by gloating in the DR about how sure he is that he's perfectly okay. He doesn't know about Eric, of course. Dick DRs about how excited he is, and how he knows the pawn always goes home. Jessica boo-hoos that people are trying to use her, and I don't even know what that means. I think she's confusing herself, which looks might not be that hard.

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