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Preexisting Relationships

Later, Allison complains to Sheila, who tells her to hang tough; nothing could be worse than being with Adam, after all. Sheila jokes that they'll get Allison revenge by pretending to be longtime lesbian lovers now. Oh, this can only go well.

The first person they tell is Joshuah, who's completely blown away. But he seems to buy it, and, moreover, runs off to the storage room to tell Neil. Then Alison and Sheila tell Chelsia, who is even more credulous. Allison congratulates herself on a "very big power move." That phrase…I do not think it means what she thinks it means.

Next morning, Allison jogs around the back yard while Adam yells at her around his cigarette and Sheila complains to Parker about Adam. While she's doing that, Alex provides this season's first hilarious "falling out of the hammock" shot in the background, and then DRs that Sheila is getting on his nerves with all this. He and Matt defend Adam to Sheila, and Adam comes over yelling at Sheila, causing everyone else to clear out. But not out of earshot, because Sheila just screams at him and storms inside, in front of everyone. "That might have helped you," Alex obviouses to Ryan and Jen afterwards. And Sheila goes and sobs uncontrollably on a bed. Not her bed, of course, because she has to sleep in a sleeping bag.

"Nominations Today," as the video monitor reminds Alex and Amanda. Allison is worried about being nominated because of the secret coming out, as is Jen, although she would rather have Ryan and Allison nominated instead of herself. Adam rants about Sheila putting the both of them in danger with her complaining. I also find Adam horrible, but none of the other guys seem to, so he might have a point. Amanda explains a bit about this season's rules, in terms of what happens if the HoH couple can't reach an agreement: they would get nominated themselves, and the second-place couple in the HoH competition (Matt and Natalie, in this case) would become the new HoH couple. I doubt that will happen much, but who knows? Big Brother contestants can be idiotically self-destructive, as we've seen in abundance tonight.

The convene the first nomination ceremony, and haul out the giant key box. Adam and Sheila are the first safe couple, which takes away a lot of the suspense right off the bat. So to no one's surprise, the nominated couples are Ryan/Allison and Jen/Parker, on the strategic grounds that Jen and Ryan have an advantage. So I guess a couple is going to be split up after all -- probably even if one of them wins the PoV, which is by no means certain.

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