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Dan, the Man with the Plan

Later, in the HoH room, Memphis joins Keesha and Dan to ostensibly discuss whether Michelle would vote Memphis out. After a few moments of discussion, they agree that Michelle needs to go this week. That means one of the three of them winning PoV, and Dan breaking his deal with Ollie. This is going to get ugly.

With only seven houseguests left, everyone's going to be playing except one of them. After Dan draws Renny and Memphis draws Keesha, Jerry pulls Houseguest's Choice and picks Michelle. That's because he figures that if Michelle wins, she'll take Jerry off the block and Ollie will get to pick the replacement nominee. After not getting chosen to play in the PoV and thus feeling a bit powerless, Ollie goes to Dan to make sure he plans to hold up his end of the deal. Dan, of course, assures Ollie that he will, and then DRs that he would be pretty stupid to do that, wouldn't he?

As the PoV host, Ollie in an orange NASA coverall leads the six PoV players in silver spacesuits into the backyard, which is decorated like Mars, if Mars had a crust of red-orange Styrofoam. It's basically a puzzle challenge with the added wrinkle that they have to fly over the yard dangling from harnesses to get their puzzle pieces and bring them back to the puzzle frame one at a time.

As Dan, Keesha, and Michelle start the first heat, Dan says that his plan is to lose so he can backdoor Michelle, which means he needs Keesha to win this round. Michelle doesn't look like she plans to let that happen, though. Her pulley technique is pretty solid, but the puzzle gives her problems and Keesha ends up winning the first round.

The second round is Memphis, Jerry, and Renny. Both Memphis and Jerry are highly motivated to win, but Renny's having too much fun with the astronaut suit (it reminds her of Mardi Gras) and the flying to be much of a competitor. At one point, Jerry drops a piece and has to struggle to pick it up with his feet, since the harness won't let him bend down far enough to reach with his hands. Memphis ends up winning, so he's going to be up against Keesha for the PoV, which couldn't have worked out better for Dan. Ollie, however, is thinking this couldn't be working out better for him. In the end, Memphis wins handily against Keesha. With the PoV medallion in hand, Memphis suddenly trusts Dan (even though he doesn't have to any more) and says that the two of them, plus Keesha and Renny, have the power now. Ollie DRs that he's expecting Dan to replace Memphis with Keesha or Renny, who are in for a surprise. But Dan DRs that it's Ollie and Michelle who are about to be shocked, which is their fault for believing him in the first place. Oh, silly, silly Ollie and Michelle. The paradox of this whole situation is that the more dickish Dan acts about this, the more he has a point.

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