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Later that same evening, everyone comes out to the backyard, where pieces of a bunch of other competitions from the season are laid out. Not that any of them are going to get used, mind you. As outgoing HoH and host for the competition, Dan explains that it'll be their job to guess on what day certain events occurred. But just knowing the correct number isn't enough; they'll also have to roll a ball down a chute and turn a wheel at the right time to drop a ball into a narrow slot with the corresponding number. They'll get a penalty point for each day they're off, and the player with the fewest points after five rounds will be HoH. Everyone DRs about how motivated they are to win, and then Dan starts with the first question, which is about the day Baby Zingbot was born. Shane uses the non-existent zing past-tense form of "zung," but the important thing is it was day 36. Shane got 34 and two points, Jenn got 39 and three points, and Danielle got 49 and 13 points, probably putting her out of the competition in the first round. Way to go.

Then Dan asks what day Frank won his first PoV competition (48). Ian gets 49, Jen nails it, Shane gets 50, and Danielle stinks the place up again, but only getting four points this time. Still in a distant last, though. On to the next question, which was the day of Willie's expulsion. Jenn accidentally spills her ball into the 2 space, which is a fair distance off from the correct answer (day 14). Shane's a few days off, and Ian's ball gets away from him, so Shane steals the lead. Danielle still has the most points, though. The next question is about the day of Jessie's return (56). Shane's off by three days, earning him three points. Ian guessed 55, so he only gets one point. Danielle gets a small (for her) penalty of two points, but the point is Ian's back in the lead. Finally, Dan asks what day the first PoV was used to save someone. It was when Shane saved himself on Day 17, but Shane thinks it was when he saved Ashley. Genius. Danielle's off by four, so her total is 25 points. I do not think anybody's going to do worse than that. Jenn was off by one day, so she has 17 points at the end. Shane had day 22, earning him five points for a total of 14. And finally, Ian landed in day 11, meaning he's off by 6, and it's a tie. Again with the tiebreaker. Dan is hoping Shane can beat Ian, because he thinks Ian has a good reason to put him up. Of course, Dan doesn't know that Shane also has a reason to nominate him, because Daniele shot her mouth of about Dan wanting to get him out as well, and Dan doesn't know that. The house is getting smaller, y'all.

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