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Jeff says he would happily support Jordan in keeping Cassi, to help them later. And it's occurring to them that this might be their only chance to get rid of Brendon and Rachel, who are going to be tough competitors if they stick around.

Veto time. Dominic's only doubt about using the Veto on himself is that Cassi might go up in his place, but it's not like that's going to stop him (nor should it). The only person who has to make a decision is Jordan, which we've already covered. Brendon DRs about Jeff and Rachel's "little spat," but adds that Jordan backdooring them would be the stupidest thing she could do. Which makes me wonder how well Brendon knows Jordan. "They need us in this game," Brendon insists. After an appropriate amount of time looking at the memory wall, Dominic calls everyone in for the Veto meeting. He unsurprisingly vetoes himself and Adam, so it's up to Jordan to pick replacement nominees. "Get your big booty off the block," Dominic mutters to Adam. Jordan says that her decision isn't personal "I'm very sorry but I have to nominate..." suspense, suspense, suspense..."Shelly and Cassi." Dammit, this episode had me thinking that there was a possibility Jordan might actually go off the reservation. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part. Dominic ends the meeting.

Shelly DRs that it's too bad, but she has to make sure she stays. As if she's in any danger. Daniele's happy to have Dominic safe, and his other closest ally in jeopardy, putting him in Daniele's hot little hands. Cassi's sad about having to campaign against Shelly, but says she's going to keep playing. Rachel is astounded at Jeff and Jordan making a "smart decision... I guess they really are on our side." But both of those statements can't be true, can they?

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