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While Brendon showers, Enzo descends into recriminations about how they did send home the wrong person, but then says that he'll be fine. Britney quietly speaks up and basically says, easy for him to say, given what went down with her and Brendon last week. Enzo: "Huh?" Britney goes to Lane, who assures her that she'll stay if she wants to. Britney struggles to keep it together, which is tough given that she's a likely nominee and a Have-Not who looks like a drowned rat with too much eye makeup. She, Ragan and Matt commiserate in the Have-Not dump, except Matt's smirking to himself over his secret Diamond Power of Veto. And of course what Britney doesn't know is that Brendon was only pretending to hate her as part of his "evict me" campaign, and might secretly be just fine with her.

Time for Brendon to show off his HoH room, even though, as Britney says, she'd rather fall down the spiral staircase and break her neck than actually enter Brendon's HoH room. There are lots of family photos, to the amazement of Lane, who DRs that he thought Brendon was cloned or grown in a lab. Enzo and Kathy suck up, to the disgust of Britney. And Ragan DRs that he doesn't want to be there, but then he doesn't leave, either. Much better strategy to hang around and pout.

Montage of Lane and Britney goofing around together. Moving on.

Hayden quietly tells Enzo that he might actually trust Brendon more than he does Matt, and Enzo agrees that Matt's spending too much time with Ragan. "He can't do that, it's not Brigade," Enzo says, making me want to slap him. They decide to go after Britney, in order to keep Lane's loyalties focused on the Brigade. And then they'll bring Brendon in. Wait, what?

Enzo goes up to the HoH room with Brendon, who says he's going to nominate Lane and Britney, I guess because it's the closest thing to a showmance left in the house at this point. Enzo makes the case for concentrating on Britney, and clumsily adds that he doesn't trust Ragan, either. They part with a soul-hug and everything.

Enzo reports back to Lane that he might be up against Britney, Lane DRs, which makes Lane want to "go to a bar, find the hottest girl there, and fight her boyfriend!" Awesome.

I hope everyone else gets called to the DR for no apparent reason as much as Ragan does. From the laptop, he gets the suggestion to announce that there's a secret alliance in the house. Ragan goes with that one, because it fits in with Annie's previous accusation that there was a lifelong friendship in the house. Which apparently people in the house still speculate about, even though none of that discussion is ever aired. When the saboteur comes on the screen, he tells them that they failed to get him out of the game, and everyone looks confused. Because they thought it was Rachel, remember? The saboteur brings up the secret alliance, and adds that it's a pair, one male and one female. Which puts Kathy and Britney, the two remaining women, under three times as much scrutiny as the six remaining guys, because nobody in this house is going to waste their minimal brainpower trying to narrow down one guy out of six when they can flip a coin and have an even chance of landing on the guilty female. Kathy and Britney both swear on everything that it isn't them. "Sounds like something the saboteur would say," Brendon says. Way to go, Ragan.

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