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Renny's time turns out to be 23 minutes and 32 seconds. She blames herself in the DR, and for once I think she's nailed it. Jerry's time is much better, at 8:01. Dan's time was 2:58, and it took almost that much time for his result to show up on the screen. Memphis, however, came in at 2:50. And after about twice that long to build up the suspense, Keesha's time is revealed at last: 5:16. So that's a win for Memphis and the Renegades. So now Memphis is going to have to decide whether to honor his deal with Dan or with Jerry. And Dan color-commentaries that if Memphis vetoes Dan as he expects, Jerry will have literally no other choice but to put up Renny as the replacement nominee. Keesha realizes in the DR that she may have just blown her only chance to save both herself and Renny. Fortunately, she has a backup plan: hyperventilate.

Memphis sits Dan down and tells Dan that if he saves him, he's going to have to cut out the "fucking antics." Well, that's a pretty broad statement there. He talks to Dan about what he expects from him, and Dan readily agrees to everything: Bringing Memphis to the end, saving Keesha, basically a blank check. One wonders if either of them realizes that a blank check still needs to have some writing on it.

Meanwhile, Renny and Keesha see Dan and Memphis talking, and realize it can't bode well for the two of them. So Keesha approaches Memphis to ask about his plans. Memphis starts by assuring her that she'll be there next week, and that for his next move, he needs to make sure that she, he, and Dan are in the final three. Keesha's upset, but not about the prospect of Renny's wig ending up in the tire treads of the proverbial bus, but at being in a position where she has to trust Dan. Memphis assures her that she can trust both of them. Keesha is only convinced of half of that statement.

Renny corners Memphis, wondering who's talking about her. Memphis just chuckles that nobody's after her. Renny reminds her that she fought for him to stay. Which is one way of looking at it, I guess, in a world where New Orleans is two hours behind California.

Memphis then has to sit with Jerry and try to make the case that Renny needs to go more than Dan does. He DRs that he's caught in the middle; if he saves Dan, he's likely to piss off both Jerry and Keesha. Well, that's the price of doing business.

As Memphis contemplates his veto decision, Dan is already looking forward to a big victory for the Renegades. Renny DRs that Memphis would be wise to let Dan go, and Jerry warns that Memphis had better leave Dan on the block. Because, you know, this season is just littered with the corpses of those who dared to screw over Jerry.

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