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At the PoV meeting, Memphis lets Dan give his speech first. Dan is low-key, for Dan, although he does say that it's his 25th birthday and he knows just what he wants. Keesha just says she'll have no hard feelings against any of them. And after a pause long enough to drive the Oscars through, Memphis uses the PoV on... Dan. They then have to go through the motions of Jerry taking the floor to announce his replacement nominee. He correctly says that he's got no choice but to nominate the only other possible person, Renny.

In the DR, Renny laments the now-dead dream of going to the final two with Keesha, but says she's not done yet. Well, like I said earlier in the weecap, anything is possible. Except Renny beating Keesha in a vote made by the Renegades, of course. Jerry vows retribution against Memphis for double-crossing him. What's he going to do, fall in the pool again? Memphis remains hopeful in the DR that he can salvage his relationship with Jerry, which is true, as long as Memphis wins HoH or PoV next week. Jerry tends to get real friendly-like with people who do that, after all. And Dan gloats that he dodged Jerry's bullet again. Tune in Thursday, for our first look inside the BB10 jury house. Or, as it will soon be known, Ollie's harem.

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M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, or just e-mail him at m.giant[at]

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