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Ollie's got a fear of birds, as we see him in the yard getting freaked out by a noisy crow perching on the wall of the compound. Finally he sneaks inside, and the crow flutters off, satisfied with its victory. I want to see a showmance between the crow and the stuffed poodle.

Renny brings Dan in for an audience, and says that she's considering putting him up as a pawn, so as not to piss off the April-Ollie-Jerry axis too much. Dan stammers that he doesn't like taking the risk, but that Renny needs to do what she has to do. When Memphis joins them and Renny makes him the same offer, he turns her down flat. Memphis runs down a few scenarios in which Renny puts up two of the trio and is still safe. Then Michelle and Keesha come in, and they're not any more open to the idea of being a pawn than Memphis was. Renny decides that she wants to talk to Ollie to see where he is. Once he arrives, Renny asks him a quick question and then dismisses everyone else so she can talk to Ollie in private. Ollie sees what's coming: "You're putting me up against April." Ollie assures her that he's here to win, and when Renny tells Ollie that her friends will do what she wants, Ollie questions that and asks whether that's just what they want her to think. You can practically hear Renny thinking, Yeah, how come none of them wanted to be my pawn? Ollie makes a case for Jerry getting nominated instead, or hey, maybe someone else entirely. Yeah, that's the ticket!

As nominations loom, Dan talks about how unpredictable Renny is. April expects to be nominated. "It's hard to swallow, because I am such a nice person," she says. I just decided that my idea of Hell is one day waking up in April's world. Ollie says he's at more risk than anyone with April as the main target. Even more at risk than April? I don't think I follow. Keesha's only worry is that Renny will nominate Memphis. "I love Renny to death, but her thinking sometimes is just completely off the wall," Keesha says, half-rolling one eye at the thought that Renny might target Keesha's second-closest ally. Memphis DRs that nominating him as a pawn would be a mistake. And Renny says that she wants to shake up the house. "Nobody's gonna make decisions for me," she vows. Yes, I would say it's going to be at least five or six years before Sparky and the rest of her family start leaving power of attorney papers lying around the house.

And Renny's nominees end up being April and Jerry. April doesn't look as happy about being up against Jerry as she said she would be earlier in the episode. In explaining her nominations, Renny tells April she's a big threat, and says that she's returning Jerry's favor of nominating her first. Afterward, Keesha DRs that Renny should have nominated April and Ollie, and doesn't know what she was thinking. Renny DRs that she is indeed paying Jerry back for his nomination of her, so I guess Keesha is the only one. It's not often that someone gives the same reason for a nomination both during the ceremony and in the DR. Jerry whines about how quickly people can turn on you, and how "big boys don't cry." Whether that applies to Jerry is still up in the air. April's just glad she's not up against Ollie, and already has a strategy in place to beat Jerry. Well, either way, this is win-win for me. Could we just skip the Power of Veto entirely this week? Please?

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