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The next morning. Joe and Wil rehash the previous night's conversation, and Joe didn't even pick up the meaning Wil did from Janelle's words. I guess it's hard for an outside observer to see how Wil might be offended at Janelle's suggestion that she protected him this week, given that she won the coaches' competition and gave Wil immunity with it. But now Joe's worried about tension between Janelle and Wil. So Joe goes right to Ashley and frets that Wil may have already joined the other side over this. Ashley goes and fetches Janelle so Joe can report back to Janelle what Wil said to him about her. "I just don't get it," Ashley says, like that's news. "If he flips and I'm gone, you're down to her," Joe warns Janelle. Might as well go to the worst-case scenario, after all.

Back in the studio, Julie intros a clip by asking us whether it's the players or the coaches in control of the house, like we don't all know it's really the producers. In the house, Janelle takes Wil aside to smooth things over, and minutes after we saw her talking to Britney about what a Vulcan she is, she cries in front of Wil. In the DR, however, Wil says he's not fooled at all, although he plays along. Either that, or he was completely fooled at the time and is only just now realizing he's been had.

Frank and Mike talk to Dan about whether Frank should make sure he has Danielle's vote, confirming that he understands she'll be safe if she votes with them. Dan just takes it in, until they put him on the spot by asking him how much he trusts each of them. Dan diplomatically says Frank is above Mike in that particular metric. Frank just wishes there were a way to evict a coach without cutting her players, because he'd like to get rid of Janelle next week. Well, he may yet have his chance.

Dan talks to Danielle about whether they should go with Mike and Frank, but Danielle is, of course, sticking with Shane. "Stop liking Shane," Dan says. "I command you to stop liking Shane." He condescends to her about her feelings, saying, "I'm not losing 100K over a high-school crush." Looks like another coach/player rift could be in the offing.

For the group Chenterview over the viewscreen in the living room, she asks Ian and Mike about the cash prize he won and shared with Ian, while taking the biggest piece for himself. Then she asks Danielle to rate her kiss with Shane, and she gives it a ten. Shane, the gentleman, gives it a 10.5. Only right answer, after all. Then Julie plays them a clip of this week's coaches' competition and asks Janelle an inane question that drowns out what looked like a filthy comment from one of the players in the living room. Which is a shame, because that seemed a lot more interesting.

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