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Dropping the Ball

We cut right to the nomination ceremony. Frank's wearing a "Coach Boogie" t-shirt as he starts pulling keys. Safe tonight are, in order, Jenn, Ian, Joe, Britney, and Shane. So that's Dan and Danielle on the block, as Frank proposed earlier. Frank dedicates his nominations to Mike and Danielle, telling Dan that he's been trying to get Frank out for weeks, and Danielle that she's a victim of circumstance. Danielle weeps in the DR how "this is the absolute worst thing that could happen to me," because Danielle has a tough life.

Ian DRs that he's not nominated and he has a Veto that Frank doesn't want him to use, and neither does Ian himself. "But a lot could change between now and the Veto meeting." Frank DRs about how he's putting his faith in Britney and Ian. "I don't want to take a shot and miss." Dan DRs that he might just be able to get Ian to use the Veto on him. As we close out for the night, the announcer asks us whether Ian will indeed use his veto on either Dan or Danielle, and who will win the second PoV. Like we don't already know it's going to be Frank.

M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, follow him on Twitter, or just e-mail him at m.giant[at]

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