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Shell Game

For the next round, they're guessing the number of baseballs in two giant baseball gloves. Adam guesses 188, Porsche 160, Shelly 120, and Daniele 216. Shelley's the farthest from the correct answer of 242, so she's done, just because she counted the number of balls right, but miscounted the number of ball gloves. Which, again, was two. So now it's down to Adam, Porsche, and Daniele, and the veterans are noticing Adam's existence for the first time ever.

Coming back from the ads, Adam DRs that he's feeling the pressure to save his alliance of six, as though his ranking in that alliance isn't seventh. They have to count the number of rivets on a slowly revolving airplane propeller. Daniele guesses 131, Porsche 170, and Adam 111. The right number is 224, so that's it for Adam and his five "allies." "Have fun on the sidelines," Daniele DRs. Why should he start now? Now it's just Daniele and Porsche, the worst-case scenario for the veterans. They have to guess the number of gold coins in an open chest. Porsche's guess is 1,200, and Daniele's is 1,351. Since the correct number is 2,832, so that's a new HoH for Daniele. Kalia happily hands over the HoH key.

Back in the house, Brendon, Rachel, and Jordan head right to the Have-Not room. "Well, it was cool being in the house for a week," Brendon says, and sadly DRs that they lost a 6-2 matchup. Looks good on him. After Jordan leaves them in the HN room, Rachel assures Brendon that Daniele and Kalia made a deal with her this week, so they should be okay this week, too. I do not follow that logic at all.

Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche quietly celebrate their win in a bedroom until Rachel wanders in, putting a damper on everything. They act all fake-friendly until Rachel leaves the room, having accomplished her goal of making everyone uncomfortable. Later, Daniele and Kalia are talking about how they can do this. They're also confident they have Porsche on their side, for all the good she'll do them, and agree that they need to write off Shelly. Daniele vows to make everyone "shit their pants." Godspeed, Morticia.

Even with Brendon's return and the HoH competition, we still have some time for some Sunday-night filler, in the form of Shelly giving Jordan a practice job interview so Jordan can stop being a receptionist someday. Let's just say that it's a good thing Jordan won half a million bucks in BB11. Jeff DRs that he'd hire Jordan because she's cute. I suspect he wouldn't be the first.

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