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Shell Game

Adam decides he needs to do some "damage control" with Daniele, like anyone gives a tenth of a shit about him at this point. He lamely offers not to put Daniele up if he wins HoH next week, which is like his promising to do his very best to catch a meteor if it's about to hit her. Daniele is duly unimpressed.

Her next visitor is Shelly, who walks right in on Kalia and Daniele like they're all still best buds. Daniele claims not to know what she's going to do and Shelly senses that she's in trouble. Daniele calls Shelly out on being happy when Brendon came back. Shelly makes lame excuses, and flails about how she feels uncool in comparison with Daniele and Kalia, and then makes it worse by asking Kalia to leave so she can talk to Daniele in private. She says she wants to be on Daniele's side. "I'm not buying any of this," Daniele DRs. But it's such a bargain!

Kalia tells Porsche about the scene upstairs, which quickly devolves into whispering about what a liar Shelly is. Which Shelly, who is back downstairs in the next room, can hear through the wall. Later, in the kitchen, she confronts Porsche in front of everyone else. "The moral high road is impossible in this game," Shelly DRs. No matter how hard she tries. Outside, she martyrs to Porsche and Kalia about how all she's done is look out for them, because all Shelly has ever done is look out for the person she's talking to at this moment. Porsche's not taking it, bringing up Shelly's multiple deals with multiple people, particularly Brendon and Rachel, which even the editors bust Shelly on, showing a clip from eleven days ago of Shelly proposing a deal with Brendon and Rachel in the backyard. But Shelly has forgotten all about that deal, probably because she has so many to keep track of, and storms off, pissed at Rachel now for telling lies about her. "I don't understand what just happened," Porsche says to Kalia, which is so not news it's practically a macro, but Kalia looks confused as well.

Rachel and Brendon ask Daniele for a private convo in the HoH room, and she basically dares them to convince her to keep them. Brendon claims that Daniele is the biggest target, which Daniele disagrees with (she's looking at them), and Rachel proposes a secret truce. Daniele's not convinced, and Brendon makes the mistake of asking if Daniele can trust them. Which, derr. Dumb-ass question. Brendon claims he's playing this game with "pure logic" (which explains why he sacrificed himself to give a few extra weeks to his fiancée whom everyone hates), saying the others will watch them take each other out, and it'll be Jordan vs. a floater for the final two. Rachel suggests nominating Shelly, due to all her final three deals, with Adam as a pawn. As much as I want to see Daniele take a second run at Brenchel, there's some entertainment potential in another week of Adam's delusions of existence. As for Daniele, she's torn. "This could be a huge game move, but it could also be the stupidest game move." They leave it as a truce for now.

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