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It's nomination day. Shelly is pissed off, hoping that Daniele will get rid of the "snakes" Brendon and Rachel, who Shelly was totally allied with until ten minutes ago. Adam admits that his gameplay has been bad "this season," as though the superfan's ever going to get another shot at this. I'm sure he plays much better at home, though, like we all do. Rachel doesn't know if Daniele is going to "stick to the deal" that Daniele didn't actually agree to. Daniele herself is looking really stressed out, looking at the memory wall and wondering if she should make a deal with Brendon and Rachel or go after them again. Even in front of the key box she seems riddled with indecision. Finally she says that if she keeps Brendon and Rachel and leaves next week, it'll be her own fault. Okay, then, so we're in agreement?

Daniele calls the nomination meeting. Shelly and Jordan are the first ones at the table, and Shelly is quietly bitching to Jordan about how much she hates Rachel and hopes she's up. "I'm sure she will be," Jordan says noncommittally, like, "Don't hurt me, crazy lady." Shelly makes similar comments to Jeff when he arrives at the table, but shuts up when everyone else shows up. Daniele arrives with the key box, and pulls the first key: Kalia, obviously. Also safe are Porsche, Jordan, Jeff...and finally, Rachel and Brendon. Because sparing Rachel worked out so well last week. So that leaves Shelly and Adam on the block. Daniele admits that everyone must be wondering what's up. Daniele reminds them that she tried to get Brendon out two weeks ago, and here he is anyway, so this time she needs to make sure what she wants to happen happens. In other words, "I suck at hard things, so I'm going to do something easy instead." Inspiring. Brendon whines in the DR that he's pretty sure he'll be a replacement nominee if the Veto gets used. Never happy, that dude. Shelly is angry about Rachel's lies about her (which in this case aren't actually lies, and fuck you, Shelly, for making me defend Rachel), and Adam says this is his third week out of six that he's been nominated. "I need to win this veto so bad," Adam says, because he remains convinced that anything other than a convenient go-to placeholder. Daniele figures she can either keep her deal with Brendon and Rachel or backdoor him, depending on how the Veto competition goes. So, you know, she's done all she can for now. And as we see Shelly and Daniele heading up to the HoH for what I'm sure will be a very tense conversation, I'm sure we're all looking forward to zzzzz.

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