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After the ads, the voting continues, and Porsche votes to evict Brendon. Adam votes the same way, as does Jeff, so that's Brendon's third (and let's hope final) eviction. Jordan goes through the motions of voting Brendon out as well. Back in the living room, Julie tells Brendon he's been evicted 5-1. He gets up and says goodbye to Rachel, saying he's used to this now. Rachel acts strong, saying she's here to fight and win. I'm sure she'll do one of those things a lot.

Brendon exits to a very excited crowd, loud enough for them to hear inside the house. Once Brendon's set up with Julie, she asks if Brendon would have kept up their end of the deal if Daniele had kept hers. Brendon gives the non-answer that he and Rachel were playing on their own. But their next move is for Rachel to win HoH and mess with everyone. Solid plan. And if that doesn't work, she'll keep sucking up to people. I think Brendon just made up that backup plan sitting right there.

Farewell messages. Daniele says, "I swear to God, if you come back again, I might have to evict myself." Kalia says she doesn't know why America voted him back, "But the good news is you're leaving. FOR GOOD!" Brendon just shakes his head at how much more petty and immature than him everyone else is. Jeff promises, "I'll look after Rachel for you as much as I can stand her." Brendon keeps shaking his head until Jeff remembers to tell Brendon he loves him. He's probably still a homophobe. Rachel acts strong and brave, even going so far as to say, "Don't hate because I'm gonna make it farther than you did last season." Brendon tells Julie that she'd better. She won't. Brendon says it sucks being evicted twice, "But I get to decide who wins half a million dollars." Yes, all by himself. Or at least he thinks so. If nothing else, he probably figures he can browbeat and intimidate the other jurors into agreeing with him. Which is pretty rich, considering he's so popular that he came in ninth and eleventh in this game. Add those numbers together and he's the first person in history to come in twentieth.

HoH competition. Daniele's sitting this one out, obviously, as outgoing HoH. The other seven will carry cups of liquid soap across a slick plastic surface, each racing to fill up a large fishbowl until they can reach in and retrieve a ping pong ball floating inside. And that's it. Everyone starts skating across the plastic along their respective lanes, and you know how some competitions work well live and others need plenty of editing? This is the latter. And it's clearly not going to be over for a while. After a minute or two, soap suds drop from the sky like it's a foam party, just to add to the difficulty level. Particularly for Jordan in the center lane, where most of the mess lands. Julie plugs the next week's worth of shows, including a double eviction on Thursday. I love double evictions. One less idiot each Thursday is never quite enough for me. Julie goes back to the back yard and says it's time for the rinse cycle. Cue the rain, naturally. We're out while it's still too early to see if anyone's got a lead. Or the opposite of a lead. Which I think I'll start calling an Adam.

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