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Later, Russell and Kevin play pool, and Russell has decided to try to swing Kevin over to his side, hoping to join his vote with Michele's. His argument is that if Jeff stays, nobody will be able to beat him. This argument might carry more weight with Kevin if it didn't require him to roll over on his one remaining alliance-mate, but Kevin's actually listening to it as it is. Russell says it might be his chance to win the game. Which he would still totally say even if it meant Russell left, right? Russell's really just looking out for Kevin. Thanks, Russell. Kevin owes you a solid.

Next morning, everyone's out in the backyard when Russell takes a shot at Jeff. He claims he only got the Coup d'Etat power because people felt sorry for him because of the fight Russell had with him. Remember, that same Coup d'Etat power that Jeff used to save Russell a couple of weeks ago? Russell sure got the raw end of that deal, didn't he? Jeff ignores Russell, and Jordan tells him not to say anything, and when Russell plays the "let your girlfriend fight your battles" card, she starts getting really pissed, and lets him goad her into charging up and chest-bumping him. Then Jeff gets into it (verbally, without getting up), and there's more yelling and mocking, with Russell calling Jordan fat and telling the others that Jeff is going to go after all of them as well. Eventually Jeff gets tired of it and goes inside, leaving Russell to yell at everyone else. Yes, Russell, you're really making everyone want to keep you around.

Ooh, I've been looking forward to this: jury house! Jessie hangs around by himself in his starry pink tights, tanning and posing and boasting. He gets a DVD of belated farewell messages, which we get to see him watch (screen display simulated). Jeff says he's sorry, but getting rid of Jessie was a smart move. Natalie says it'll be hard for her to continue without him, and Lydia, in her Captain Unitard outfit, calls him out on tattling on her to Natalie. Has Lydia succeeded in making Jessie really consider his action? "Nice unitard," he snorts. So that would be a no. Jessie admits that he's disappointed not to see Chima's reaction. Yeah, about that...

Lydia does indeed have an explosive reunion with Jessie when she comes in the house. "I am so freaking mad at you! Did you think we wouldn't compare notes, you jerkopotamus?" So why can't she stop smiling and hugging him? Then she starts play-boxing him so we know she really is mad despite her embarrassing crush on him. Finally they settle down and she offers to bring him up to speed. "No," Jessie says. Okay, that was awesome. Sorry. Too bad for him, she brought the DVD of Chima's misbehavior with the mic pack and getting booted, followed by Jordan's winning HoH and part of Lydia's subsequent meltdown. Jessie says Jeff seems to be the new boss and he might vote for him himself. Lydia and Jessie get ready to enjoy their week of one-on -one time together. Well that was disappointing. I don't think Jessie even thought about getting himself an ice pack once.

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