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Back at the studio, Julie gets on the viewscreen to interview the houseguests. Russell is acting all fake-jovial, saying his obnoxious behavior all week is "just part of the game." Julie asks Jordan the same question, and she admits to having been mad. "When a guy tells you you're fat and to go eat cookie dough, that's it," she says. Oh, good, now I know not to do that. Julie asks Kevin how surprised he was to be taken off the block, and Kevin protects the "secret alliance," saying he's just hoping Jeff has a secret crush on him. Julie and Jordan talk about why she won't let Jeff kiss her, like this is third grade, and Jeff claims he gets rejected like this in the outside world as well. Wise of him to use the present tense; you never know what you're going to find when you come back out. Julie then turns to Michele, who says that as a Have-Not for the week, she liked the churros. We can always count on Michele for a game-changing remark, can't we? As if that weren't boring enough, Julie upstages her even further by saying there will be no Have-Nots for the rest of the season. Okay then. Tell me no Sunday or Tuesday episode, either, and we'll talk.

Time for Jeff's private HoH interview. Julie asks him why he made his move against Russell, and Jeff says he knew now was the right time, before Russell came after him. Jeff thinks it'll be a net positive, and he says he's not just relying on Kevin and Natalie, but also playing for the Veto. Good plan, that. Julie asks him about the bickering with Jordan earlier this week, and he plays it off as wanting to keep his partner focused. "I just want to make her a better person, that's all." Yikes, he should have stopped talking sooner.

As Jeff heads back down to the living room, Julie switches the channel to the living room to give Natalie and Russell a chance to speak. Natalie basically makes an Oscar acceptance speech, thanking her fellow houseguests in advance for keeping her in the house. Russell good-naturedly gets up and says he had a "phenomenal time" and tried a "different strategy," incorporating some of "the greats," like Evel Dick and Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. Can it be a coincidence that a "great" on Big Brother is synonymous with "asshole?" Russell claims personal attacks are part of the game, which should win them all over. Finally, he wishes them all good luck.

The voting begins. Jordan unsurprisingly votes to evict Russell. So does Kevin, and Michele makes it unanimous. But they'll all have to wait until after the ads to get the final word.

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