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The only way I'll even consider watching The Good Wife is if Chris Noth has to get out of a different new scandal every week.

After we come back and Julie breaks the news, she's still in mid-speech about the three-zero vote when Russell starts getting up, but then she says Natalie's name just to fuck with him. He pauses, but Julie's telling Natalie she's safe, and Russell's leaving. That'll learn him to call Jordan fat. He goes for a classy (read: fake) exit, smiling and hugging everyone before finally wearing that suit of his out into the studio. While they set up for the exit Chenterview, the remaining four houseguests discuss the moment of truth, and Jordan reports that she is sweating. Sounds like a girl who's sensitive about her weight, all right.

Julie asks Russell what was up with his exit, and Russell repeats his statement that personal attacks were fair game and how he wanted to be a composite of past players. Although he says it was himself, with "some flair." That will work out well when he ends up waiting tables at TGI Fridays. Julie asks why he thinks Jeff blindsided him, and Russell thinks maybe Michele made a move, which is giving her too much credit. Even so, he's not mad at her, and blames himself for not doing what he needed to do. He maintains that he planned to uphold the final four deal with Jeff and then go to the final two with Michele. He concedes that Jeff was smart to take him out, and all he could do was try to piss him off and get him to say something that would get him in trouble with the other houseguests. Well, that worked for one of them..

Goodbye messages. Jeff is pretty harsh, calling Russell "unclassy." "The way you talk to women, your friends, if you have any, should be ashamed." Ouch. Kevin says he was scared of him at first, but appreciates how approachable he ended up being. Natalie says she has no hard feelings and thinks of him as a friend. Michele tells him not to take it personally how she curled up and died on him. Jordan is unforgiving, and Russell laughs at her as she says, "I've never been so disrespected before. I don't think you would like it of someone called your sister fat. I strongly, strongly dislike you with a passion." Russell just chuckles, and Julie tells him he can respond when she interviews him on The Early Show the next morning. Can't wait to miss that.

HoH competition. Outgoing HoH Jeff is on the sidelines, while Jordan, Michele, Natalie and Kevin are each positioned at the end of one lane of a wide slip & slide, although Julie claims it's a giant graham cracker in a s'more-themed competition. It's pretty straightforward; they have to race back and forth across the slippery surface, carrying tiny mugs of hot chocolate to fill up a big round bowl until they can take out the marshmallow that's inside. After the race starts (and a lot of cursing, going by the way the audio keeps dropping out), Julie tells them their mugs hold eight ounces, while the bowl holds sixteen gallons. So now Jordan is going to be both balancing on a frictionless surface and trying to do math in her head. Julie tells them that adds up to a four-mile walk altogether, assuming no spills. And assuming the marshmallows don't dissolve before the end of the competition. But I'm sure the producers have thought of that already.

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