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Same As It Ever Was

Julie then runs a side-by-side highlight reel of Jen and Sheila wearing the unitard. Everyone unanimously agrees that Sheila wears it better. Well, that was pointless.

And now let's visit the folks in sequester. Each couple (or couple-half) has got their own house, apparently, so now we can add the high price of real estate in Los Angeles to Big Brother's list of crimes. Jacob sits in his house alone, praying and planning his possible reunion with Sharon. So, you know, his life is just like it was before he joined the game.

Jen talks about how frustrating it is to not know what's going on in the main house, up to and including whether Ryan is still in the game. She asks Parker if he'd be jealous if she went back to the house and he didn't. Parker acts like that's a trick question or something.

Bueenooo! Alex screeches from the pool of the house he shares with Amanda. She says they don't get along, and Alex is still bitter with Amanda for putting them in jeopardy. And they're still arguing about it too. To be fair, Alex also blames himself for being too honorable and noble regarding his alliance with Matt. What a shame for Alex that his awesomeness and Amanda's suckiness conspired against him.

Allison is also in a house of her own, and she says she deserves to return the most, since she's got some vengeance coming. Bored.

The next thing you know, Julie is talking on the viewscreen to the six evictees, who are standing in the front yard. This would appear to be the first time they've seen each other since their respective evictions. Julie asks Jen what her reaction is. Jen is surprised to see Allison but not Ryan. Julie tells Allison about Ryan becoming HoH after Allison's departure, but we don't get to hear Allison's reaction because an audio glitch (or Julie's fat-fingering the control button) results in the broadcast of the audio feed from the main house instead. Julie tells them that America has been voting on which one of them gets to return. But the winner of the vote isn't automatically returning, because the houseguests will then have to vote on whether to keep the returning player or the person they evict tonight. And the houseguests won't know which returning player it's going to be. But we do: It's Alex.

More DR talking: Natalie wants Sharon out for being sneaky, but recognizes that James and Chelsia are a threat. And Sheila says that they need women in the house, so she's leaning towards keeping Sharon. Josh says that as much as he trusts Sharon, he thinks she's easily intimidated and manipulated. Is that not a good thing? Oh, I guess he means she's easily intimidated and manipulated by people who are not Joshuah.

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