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Same As It Ever Was

Back to the viewscreen, as Julie gets ready to announce the person who lost tonight's eviction vote. And it's James, 5-1. Chelsia hugs him goodbye, and is the only one to walk him to the door or even stand up, while everyone else sits around on the couch like Ed Harris at the Oscars that one year.

Afterwards, everyone assures Chelsia that they're not mad at her for not going with the group. Mighty big of them. She goes to the kitchen for a drink, while Natalie tries to comfort her.

Outside, Julie asks James about nobody getting up to say goodbye, and he says that was his choice, since he didn't want any goodbyes from people who didn't keep their word. Oh, grow up, you baby. Speaking of which, Julie asks James about suggesting Chelsia for nomination, and how Chelsia is going to react when she finds out. James says that he already told her. And thank God we didn't have to sit through that boring scene, right? God, what is the matter with this show? James now he gets to watch her goodbye message to him.

She cries as she talks about how awesome he is, and how she used to laugh at people who felt a connection with another person on reality TV, but now she's in that position. After she's done, Julie asks a very detached James what he would think if he found out he had another chance. "I might crap my pants," James quips. Julie explains the dealio to him, and now he's going to get to watch the viewscreen as she breaks the news to the other houseguests.

Inside the house, the siren goes off again, and everyone rushes into the living room in a panic. And then sit there wondering what's going to happen next. Commercials, is what.

When we come back, Julie informs the remaining eight houseguests that there's a big box outside that contains one of the previously evicted houseguests. So now they have to vote live to bring back either James or the mystery houseguest. She has to shush them a few times while they try to speculate on what this all means, because they're each going to have to make this decision on their own.

Ryan goes to the DR first, and votes for the return of the mystery houseguest. Chelsia of course votes for James. Matt goes with the mystery houseguest, claiming that it’s because he's all about taking chances. Sheila? Mystery houseguest. Joshuah can't get into the DR fast enough, and votes for James. Where will Natalie come down? She votes for James, too. So does Adam, jubilantly. Sharon also votes for James, rather than take a chance on ending up with Jacob again. I would be very interested to see what Sharon wouldn't do to avoid ending up with Jacob again. Anyway, that's 5-3 in favor of James's return. Sorry, Alex. Also, sorry, James.

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