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Danielle, Marcellas, and Amy have a chat in the HoH room. Amy says that she has made up her mind about the nominations, and her top priority is getting rid of Chiara. Everything else can wait. It is very important to Amy that Chiara leave while she is HoH. Note the pettiness, short-sightedness, and just plain stupidity of this obsession of Amy's. For those of you who like blatant emotional manipulation, you'll enjoy Danielle taking advantage of Amy's lingering guilt about her fight with Marcellas by telling her that Roddy is responsible for "almost tore [their] friendship apart." Which didn't appear to be what happened, but Danielle knows that Amy still feels bad about it, so why not throw it in there? "I don't believe in revenge," Amy says. Uh...all evidence to the contrary, I guess. Perhaps Amy draws a really, really fine line between revenge and jealousy. Or spite. Or whatever this is. Amy smells what Danielle is shoveling, knows Danielle wants Roddy out, and diary-rooms that if Roddy stands any chance of actually being evicted, she's not putting him up.

Amy brings Roddy into the HoH room. She tells him that Kiki is going up, and that she's just trying to figure out who goes up beside her. Amy proceeds to flap her yap to Roddy about the fact that Lisa, Marcellas, and Jason have all been in cahoots with Danielle to boot him. She describes how they all told her right away, in the HoH tub, to listen to Marcellas, because he knew what the plan was. She wants so badly for Roddy to like her, it's just...ow. Even the way they're sitting -- he's in the big chair, she's on her knees leaning her elbows on the has a totally creepy vibe, like she should be coloring and asking for a pony while he reads the newspaper. Bleh. Roddy tells her to make sure that she's the one who ultimately makes the decision, not Danielle. He tells her that his "respecting" her should be more worthwhile than Danielle "bullying" her. It's also probably quite a good approach for him to try here, because he's right enough (about Danielle bullying her) that Amy will buy it, and the ways in which he's wrong, she's not going to figure it out. They hug. She looooves him.

Marcellas comes to see Amy in the HoH room while she takes her braids out (thank God). She tells him that she's decided to act "on [her] own," and put up Jason instead of Roddy. She knows it's not what other people want, but it's her call. He promises to support her.

That night, Roddy invites Marcellas to sit for a while in the hot tub. Marcellas despairs over how difficult it is for him to have a conversation with Roddy while Roddy is all undressed and wet and stuff. In short, once they're in the tub, Roddy offers an extra-super-secret-double-dog alliance, and Marcellas accepts. Probably not so much because it's a great strategy as because Roddy calls him "Mr. Handsome Chicago Volunteer," which appears to make Marcellas ready to faint dead away. You know, Marcellas's defenses against this sort of thing really should be a lot higher. That's not exactly sparkling repartee. That's not even a bar-quality pickup line. Roddy promises to take the two of them through to the end. An enthralled and intoxicated Marcellas is in. He says he feels "exhilarated." And that's not even alliance-related.

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