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Danielle goes to Amy and learns that Amy intends to put up Jason. Danielle presents Amy with the problem of what happens if Chiara is vetoed, presumably on a veto by Roddy. I'm not sure why the obvious answer isn't Gerry, but for whatever reason, it's not. Amy goes on to say that she's "offended" that Chiara is still in the house. Right. Because Chiara is bad and Amy is good, and have you bought your petticoats and corsets this season? They're saying 1862 is going to be the best fashion year ever! "I want to send her out," Amy snots, literally pouting her little lower lip. What Amy winds up doing is extracting a promise from Danielle that she won't vote for Roddy if Amy puts him up. Now, Amy, that was severely, seriously stupid. Why do you think Danielle wants Roddy up so very badly? If she's really ready to boot Kiki, why in hell would Danielle suggest that putting Kiki up against Jason leaves open the possibility of veto mischief, but putting Kiki up against Roddy is no sweat? The only reason Danielle would ever care this much about who goes up against Kiki is that she intends to boot him. Entering into this deal was very foolish on Amy's part.

Nomination day. Everyone is nervous. Ritual, keys, et cetera. Again, Amy is wearing incredibly dark eye makeup, which makes me think she planned to cry her head off and wanted to make sure her mascara ran appropriately. I'm completely serious. Anyway, her nominees are Chiara and...Roddy. Amy explains that her nominations have nothing to do with revenge. She's lying, of course, but so what? She boo-hoos through the entire thing. It's certainly very self-pitying stuff, for someone who spent all week spitting things like "I want her out" through her teeth. This is pretty much the most full-of-it nomination speech ever, and I've seen nomination speeches from Nicole. And Hardy. And Chiara. And Gerry. Shut up, Amy. Amy tells Roddy he's up for the same reason he put Marcellas up -- he's Kiki's ally. When it's over and Amy toddles off to her room to eat cheese and begin what is going to be a nine-hour process of removing her eye makeup, Chiara gets up and storms out of the house. She throw herself into the hammock. Aw, that's just how I used to react to being upset by something like this. Except I was eight, of course. Kiki voices over that she doesn't believe Amy about "not being revengeful." She begins her endless bitchfest about the unfairness of it all by saying that she had no chance for a strategy, because she didn't know someone was coming back. Of course, she did before she did nominations, but hey -- what's a little truth to a self-pitying phony? The second self-pitying phony in this one paragraph? Kiki cries in the hammock, and Lisa comes to see her. Lisa pretends she came to check on Chiara, but I think she just wanted to watch her crying, because sometimes watching girls you hate cry is really fun. Sad, but true. Lisa offers to sit with her, which she totally doesn't deserve, but Kiki sends her away.

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