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In the HoH room, Amy whines about how hard it all was. Marcellas explains in the DR that Amy is needy and desperate to be liked, apparently believing this will come as some sort of surprise to us. Good grief, Marcellas, Amy couldn't be more obvious on this point unless her forehead was tattooed with "I Am Needy And Desperate To Be Liked." Marcellas, unsurprisingly, loved her nomination speech, since it was the same kind of self-congratulatory and utterly untrue crapola he generally unleashes in similar situations. He compliments Amy on how honest it was. Oh, for God's sake. This is completely flatulent and revolting. Roddy knocks on the door, and Amy literally leaps to her feet and runs across the bed to get the door so he can hug her and tell her he forgives her for nominating him. See? See how they're playing this out again? She's so sorry for sucking so much. He forgives her. Sigh. After he leaves, she tells Marcellas that it's all okay, because if she weren't in the house, Roddy and Chiara would have gone up anyway. So much for wanting to make her own decision.

Marcellas, in the diary room, declares insufferably -- absolutely insufferably -- that the nomination of Chiara and Roddy was "the will of the house." Well, let's see. It wasn't the will of Roddy or Chiara, it wasn't the will of Amy, I don't know that it was the will of Gerry...I guess "will of the house" means "will of the half of the house I choose to consider important, which does not include my 'best friend.'" First to nominate Marcellas is my hero, at this point. You'll remember he was snottier than anyone when he was HoH about insisting that nobody's agenda was to be discussed but his own, because he wasn't about to allow anyone to tell him what to do. Here's a hint, Marcellas -- that Hypocrite of the Week trophy is a big one, so I hope you've cleared space on the dresser. ["Eh, I don't care; I still love him." -- Wing Chun]

Roddy goes to visit a blubbering Chiara in the hammock. He sits down and puts her feet in his lap. "I'm sorry I put you on the block again," she weeps. Kiki continues whining that she never had a chance. She says she's going to tell everyone to vote her out, because she can't stand the idea of it becoming "a competition between you and I." ("Between you and I"?) He tells her not to do that. Meanwhile, inside, Danielle visits Amy in the HoH room, patronizingly telling her what a good job she did. At following directions, I guess. Back out in the hammock, Roddy tells Kiki and Lisa that he knows Danielle is gunning for him, partly because she is the only person in the house who didn't say anything nice to him after he was nominated. Oops. Bit of a misstep, there, Queen of Cunning. In the HoH room, Danielle, Marcellas, and Amy talk about how important it is to win the veto. Of course, if Amy doesn't catch on to Danielle's act at this point, she's an idiot, because of course they don't really need the veto that badly if the plan is actually to evict Chiara. Nobody is going to veto Chiara, including (especially) Roddy, because he knows he'd go instead. The only reason for Danielle to be upset about the veto is that she knows somebody might veto Roddy. Catch up, Amy. Danielle is not your friend. Danielle is not anyone's friend, except her own.

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