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You Reap, You Sow, You Weep, You Go

Danielle -- thoroughly delusional regarding her own cleverness -- comes to see Roddy outside, as she voices over that it's important to make people think you're on their side. And, of course, because she believes everyone is an idiot except for her, this will work just fine. Roddy, not fooled for a minute: "What's on your mind, Dan-o?" Danielle goes on to say how important she thinks it is to get the veto, and he immediately says, "Then who goes up against me?" She attempts to make Roddy think she might take him out, which he recognizes as bull the minute it's out of her mouth. Danielle says in the DR that if Chiara and Roddy think she's on their side, they might step aside and give her the veto. Wow, she is misreading this game badly, for the first time. Kiki might be fooled, but Roddy? Is not. Roddy doesn't want the veto because he could only veto Kiki, and that would be participating in his own eviction. The idea that Roddy is going to hand Danielle the veto because he thinks she'll veto him? That is ridiculous. Furthermore, anybody who is at all perceptive about the personalities involved would know that Kiki wouldn't hand over the veto, because her desperately needy inner Girly-Girl would think that by vetoing Roddy, she might convince him to fall desperately in love with her, leave the house with her when she's evicted, buy a dog with her, marry her, have children with her, grow old with her, and eventually lie moldering in the grave next to her, under matching headstones that say, "Mr. And Mrs. Roddy: America's Sweethearts, United For Now And For Always." Sad, but true. So, Danielle is basically clueless. "Ohh..." Danielle smirks in the diary room, "I'm good. I'm really good." And right there, I hate Danielle. Hate her. Want her out. OUT. She is now the person I most could not stand to see win. I would rather have Marcellas win, or Amy, and that says a lot. Boot her now. NOW.

Danielle goes to see Jason. On green-and-white night-cam, they agree to get Roddy out. "He's dangerous," Danielle says.

Veto competition. New swimsuits for everyone, along with those goofy red swim caps. The competition involves baby-oiling yourself up and sliding down a slip-and-slide. Closest to the end without going over wins. It's boring, like all competitions. Everyone is oily. Gerry wins.

Marcellas and Danielle chat about the veto competition later. "We should all be ashamed that the fifty-one-year-old fat-ass man, the biggest [expletive deleted] in the house, won." You know, it's really depressing that somebody who clearly knows so well how hurtful it is to be treated like crap would so easily turn around and do it to someone else. But here's Marcellas, picking on the easiest target. [Miss Alli's Mom: "It makes me think that empathy is not a learned quality."] Chiara, meanwhile, rants in the diary room that she wanted the veto, but wasn't angry that she didn't get it, because she got a chance to compete for it. Well, she says "compete against it," but you know what she means. This serves as your lead-in to Chiara's Meltdown Regarding the Utter Unfairness of Everything. She complains in the Big Bed Room to Danielle, Lisa, and Jason that, if she'd known somebody was going to come back this week, she wouldn't have gone for HoH the week she got it, because she would have known she needed HoH the next week in order to avoid the boot. What a lie. There is no way she would have been able to think that far ahead. I don't think that when she washes her hair, she can think ahead to conditioner. Danielle -- right for once -- says in the DR that Chiara was nasty to Amy, and "you reap what you sow." And Chiara is warming up for a big old chorus of "Bringing In The Sheaves," so get out your hymnals. She continues to argue that it's all terribly unfair. No one is buying. Lisa comments that karma is about to "kick [Chiara] in the ass," and truer words were never spoken. Chiara has a whole theory that she didn't get a chance to strategize. Shut UP, Chiara. Danielle points out, quite correctly, that Kiki's real problem is partly that Roddy hopped out of the tub after thirty seconds, and that one form of strategy would have been telling him he needed to stay in and get it, or the two of them would be nominated. Chiara is so very, very full of it. She is also under the very, very mistaken impression that Josh would have voted to bring back Eric instead of Amy. Hee. Good thinking, there, genius.

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