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And now, a well-constructed sequence demonstrating that basically, Amy and Chiara are equally bad in all the ways in which they hate each other. Petty? Check. Vindictive? Check. Judgmental? Check. Whiny? Check. Irritating, lacking in self-awareness, self-obsessed? Check, check, check. My favorite part is where Kiki says Amy is "Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee, wherever the fuck she came from, Mississippi trash." This wouldn't really be funny, except that some editor or sound guy who's not feeling too much love for Chiara inserts a little game-show "ding" after "Arkansas" and "Memphis," and a nasty little "bzzzt" after "Mississippi." Of course, as was later pointed out to me, Chiara can be forgiven for the "Mississippi" remark, considering the "Ole Miss" shirt and all. She also takes the opportunity to call Amy "revengeful" again.

The girls sit around the table one evening to drink wine and discuss their sexual histories. Jason makes a quick exit, and we see him playing cards in the Aquarium Room, accompanied by the Touching Music of Innocence, and then a screech of the needle on the record takes us back to the dirty-talk table. Roddy and Gerry sit in the living room playing chess and...listening. The long and the short of it is that the girls manage to have fun together, even Chiara and Amy, thanks to the blessings of booze. They go to the DR to ask for more booze, but it's not happening. The producers are probably not anxious for another round of drunken-revelry-related litigation.

Next on the list of house happenings is everyone's growing annoyance with Danielle's constant harping on how much the money would mean to her family, how much she needs it, how needy she is, and so forth. She really does go on and on and on and ON about it. It's all for her family. Unlike everyone else, who is just doing it so they can spend it all on booze and magazines, I guess. Roddy tells Kiki and Lisa that he thinks that whole thing is "the biggest con" going on in the house right now. He's right, but Lisa in the DR calls it "mean" that Roddy pointed it out. I think it's fair to say that the flaws in Danielle's strategy are beginning to show. She's a very good manipulator, but she's much too obvious and much too aggressive, and it's beginning to bother people.

Lisa and Amy chat by the hot tub. Lisa says she's feeling "fifty-fifty" about who to vote out, and she asks Amy whether Amy is still "really gung ho" on evicting Kiki. Amy assures her that the gung is still just as ho as it was before. Amy tells Lisa that she just wants Chiara to go on Amy's watch -- if Roddy is up again the next week, she'll have no problem booting him. Heh, liar. Danielle agrees with Lisa that they'll remove Chiara this week, and then she goes and talks to Amy. Danielle tells Amy forebodingly how upset she's going to be if Roddy wins because they gave up this chance to get rid of him, and Amy promises that won't happen. Among other things, Amy tells Danielle she wants Danielle to win, and of course, Danielle knows that isn't true, because although she does overestimate herself to the point of delusion, she is not, in fact, as dumb as a bag of hammers, which would be necessary for her to believe that line.

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