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Marcellas comes clean with Amy that the vote is going to go against Roddy, not Chiara. Amy goes straight to Danielle. "I feel like I've been used by the house," Amy says. Well, yes, dear. Because you let it happen. Danielle DRs that she felt "compassion for Amy," which I'm sure has nothing to do with it, but for whatever reason, she apparently started to have some doubts about the vote to boot Roddy. Jason, meanwhile, is called to the DR to cast his vote. He sticks his head in the Big Bed Room on his way. "Opposite. Opposite," Danielle says. Okay, here's the thing, Danielle. If you're doing this in front of Amy, she presumably knows you're changing it from Roddy to Chiara, unless you WANT her to think you're changing it from Chiara to Roddy precisely because she doesn't want you to, and why would you want that? Why didn't she just say, "Vote to evict Roddy, not Chiara"? At any rate, a confused Jason winds up in the diary room unsure of exactly what Danielle was trying to tell him. Heh. This is turning into an episode of Hogan's Heroes, with the bumbling and the scheming. And the imprisonment, I guess.

Julie takes us in to talk to the houseguests. They are extremely quiet, and barely greet her. Is this because Kiki is so sad? Wow. It's like a funeral in there. Maybe one of the lizards has scurvy. The houseguests talk about how much they loved the Sheryl Crow show. There's talk about Amy's return, and talk of Gerry's anniversary. And Jason talks about how much he loves everyone. So very, very much.

Voting. First up are Danielle and Gerry. Gerry votes to boot Kiki, and Danielle votes to evict Roddy. Gerry talks pretty intelligently about both nominees, except when he says that Roddy is an "alpha male" the same way that Gerry himself is. I don't know that "alpha male" is really the way I would have described Gerry, not that "alpha male" is a particularly fabulous thing to be on a show like this.

And now, a chance to see the inevitable end of the Greatest Love The World Has Ever Known. Chiara and Roddy have a chat in the hammock, and he basically tells her that she's taken the opportunity to rag on him fairly often, and he's been pretty quiet about it. They show a particular clip in which she makes the obviously jealous catty remark that "not everybody can be as good as" Roddy. He replies that it's "demeaning" to say right to his face that he thinks he's better than everyone else. There's a pretty solid argument to be made that he does think that, but there's also one to be made that if she wants to be his girlfriend, she could talk to him about that kind of thing a little more kindly, not to mention privately. He also tells Chiara that although he's not said much about it, her constant hanging on Jason and endless discussions of her past sexual escapades have not been particularly enjoyable for Roddy. I don't think he ever really wanted to date her, so I don't think these are really the reasons he won't be doing it, but I think they're examples of the more basic things about her that are so objectionable to him that he never would date her. For example, blue-and-white Roddy confronts Chiara about her whining, and she basically refuses even to discuss trying to ease up. In the DR, he comments that he thinks he was nice to her and she didn't appreciate it -- which is basically right back to that whole thing he does with Amy. "She sucks, and I was nice to her anyway! How can she not be grateful?" Well, because, as Chiara says in the hammock, she can sense that Roddy doesn't actually like her very much, and it hurts her feelings. Roddy needs to figure out that when he doesn't like someone, taking her on as a project is not a favor.

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