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Chiara's video farewells are sad. And phony. Deeply, deeply phony -- especially Marcellas's, in which he says that he thinks she's "wonderful," which he doesn't at all, and Amy's, in which she says Chiara "will be missed," failing to add, "though not by me." Lisa is a little better, because she takes the opportunity to bring up once again the fact that long before she voted for Chiara, Chiara voted for her. Hold nothing back, Lisa; you have nothing to lose at this point. Jason announces that he has a crush on Chiara. Yuck. Gerry compares Chiara to his daughter. Yow. I think his daughter may sue. Kiki is turned over to her stepsister to be whisked away to obscurity. At least I hope that is what will happen.

The HoH competition this week is trivia about things that have been said by the evicted houseguests. Everyone except Marcellas and Jason is knocked out on the first question. I think at least Roddy, Danielle, and Lisa threw it. Marcellas and Jason both get the next question right, and then Jason wins HoH on the next question. Hmm. Everyone hugs -- even Roddy and Danielle. Whatever. It's all scheming at this point.

Because HoH was so short, Julie comes back to the houseguests in the living room. Julie asks Jason about being HoH, and he talks about how great it is, but how hard it is. She asks Marcellas about losing HoH, and he goes into a fairly amusing rant to the effect that Jason is only on the show to upstage him, as he does when they're both running around naked. Heh. I'll admit I would rather look at Jason in that scenario.

Quite weirdly, over the credits, we see footage of Roddy showing off his pit stains. This is tacky, of course, but also a little bit funny. I mean, if you had dodged two bullets in a row, wouldn't you have pit stains? Then Roddy and Jason start talking about how "sarcasm doesn't translate," but I'm not even sure what they mean. It's all very disorienting.

Whom will Jason nominate? Who will be evicted? Will the house solve its pronoun difficulties now that it's without Chiara? Speaking of Chiara and Roddy, will she and he ever speak again, or is it the end for him and her? You and I will be here together again next week, so we will have to see what awaits us.

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