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Lisa tells Danielle about the Kiki/Amy blather she walked in on earlier. They agree that Kiki and Roddy have good reason to be nervous -- Roddy because he nominated Marcellas and Amy, thus threatening the bitchiest friendship since Heathers, and Chiara because...well, because she's Chiara.

Marcellas invites Roddy out to the hammock to talk. Roddy tries to assure Marcellas that he's no criminal mastermind, and Marcellas counters that a "taint" surrounds Roddy because of the behavior of Josh and the behavior of Chiara. Excuse me, a taint? My goodness. For a house of debauchery, this place certainly does contain a lot of closet Puritans. Roddy tells Marcellas that if he had his way, racial harmony and equality of people of all sexual orientations would be achieved tomorrow. He loves everyone. He loves little children. And puppies. And if he had one wish this Christmas, it would be for all the children of the world to sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace. don't vote him out just because his girlfriend is kinda bitchy, because the thing is that he is helpless to change the fact that he loves everyone. Even annoying people. Wow, welcome to the Hammock of Demented Sociology. Can we buy you a drink?

Roddy says in the diary room that he's "playing the game straightforward," and he doesn't know if Marcellas gets that. I think that Roddy actually considers this to be true. In other words, he's strategic, but I don't think he sees himself as intentionally working people over the way Danielle does. Don't get me wrong -- I think he's doing it, but I'm not sure that he thinks he is. Danielle walks up on the Roddy/Marcellas conversation, and DRs that she's concerned about whether the two of them have a deal. After she leaves, Marcellas and Roddy have a warm moment of friendship. And, from Marcellas's perspective, infatuation. They express to each other how glad they are that they met. Especially under these auspicious circumstances, I suppose. Marcellas says in the diary room that everybody else may want to go after Roddy, but that's not Marcellas's current agenda. He goes into the Big Bed Room, where Lisa and Danielle are chatting. "What did the Devil say?" Danielle asks. In case you are at all confused about whom she means, a shot of blue-and-white Roddy is inserted here, along with a blast of very serious music. It goes like this: "WWWOT!" A little defensively, Marcellas says Roddy was "nice" and "kind." Danielle tells Marcellas to go remind Amy that Roddy put up the two of them together, since this will probably get her to put Roddy up. Marcellas is convinced that it will work, because he completely fails to account for the fact that Amy loooves Roddy.

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