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Sidebar of gratuitous armchair psychology: Lots of people have expressed a certain amount of shock that Amy has such a wild, hot thing about Roddy. How, they wonder, can this be? I'll tell you why I think it is. Amy, quite honestly, doesn't think very much of herself on any level except being cute. She doesn't particularly consider herself smart, and she's said over and over that she doesn't think she's a very nice person. People who don't think very much of themselves don't really expect people to like them for who they are, and they don't trust anyone who does. So they hope to find people who don't actually think very much of them either, but like them anyway. People with crappy self-images are incredibly vulnerable to this particular line of bull -- "Oh, you're such a fuck-up, but I still love you." It still allows them to consider themselves fuck-ups, which keeps them within their comfort zone, while offering a weird sort of positive feedback, which they also want. Furthermore, most people's great fear is that no one really knows or understands them, and so if you think you suck, someone who also thinks you essentially suck but is still willing to be your friend has a certain unavoidable appeal -- he might not like you, but at least he gets you. Once you figure it out, you notice it's incredibly insulting, because it's basically someone telling you that they, in their overwhelming generosity, will forgive you for who you are. Roddy's act of nominating Amy, having her thrown out of the house, and simultaneously telling her how much he loved and cared about her was a master stroke of this "I have a soft spot for you, even though you don't really deserve it" sort of thing. It works very well on her, because it's the only kind of affection Amy completely trusts, given the fact that she's pretty much given up on herself as a lost cause of obnoxious behavior -- which, incidentally, is the same reason she can talk intelligently about the crappy way she acts without actually doing anything about it. I'm not saying that I think Roddy means to be doing this to her, but I think he is. So Amy's not getting over the Roddy love anytime soon, unless she figures this out, which seems unlikely.

Danielle and Marcellas talk, and Danielle wants Roddy and Kiki put up on the block. Marcellas says that he doesn't want to tell Amy what to do. (He also, you'll recall, just explained in the DR that he doesn't want Roddy up.) Danielle says that in that case, he can send Amy to come see her. He agrees to do that. What a freaking chicken. He won't tell his friend what to do, but he'll send her to be pushed around by Danielle? Nice.

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