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Scaredy Cat

Veto ceremony. Eric bullshits in the DR that he has "compelling options" to maybe use the veto, when we all know there is no way in hell he's crossing Dick again. Amber and Daniele both tells us that Eric could very well do anything, since they can't trust him one bit. Zach figures back-dooring Daniele is the smart play, which is both convenient for him and also correct. In the end, despite some unconvincing fakery, Eric chooses...not to use the veto. All of a sudden, DR Amber thinks this makes Eric power-hungry, evil, and soulless. And circumcised! ...That's where she was going with that, right? Jess DRs that disagreeing with your only alliance partner in the game is rough, while Eric blames his spinelessness on us, because we voted to have Amber nominated. Weak, dude. Weak, weak, weak.

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