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Secrets And Lies

After the commercials, Amanda and Alex (the former of whom is in a surprisingly demure sweater-dress) sit as far apart from each other as they can while still being in the HoH room. Alex confronts Amanda about her feelings for Parker. His jealousy is one thing, but now he starts criticizing the way she dresses, because although it was kind of cool the first week, he's over it now that he owns her or something. And yes, the word "slut" is used. So clearly Alex is one of those guys who thinks a woman should dress one way before you club her over the head and drag her back to your cave, and the opposite way afterwards. He DRs that he and Amanda aren't the match he hoped. What is the world coming to when you can't even trust Big Brother?

Next day, it's time to determine who's going to be competing for PoV. It'll be the two nominated couples (Jen/Parker and Ryan/Allison), the HoH couple (Alex/Amanda), and a fourth, randomly selected couple: Natalie/Matt. They also pick Joshuah to act as host for the competition.

Afterwards, Matt and Parker discuss what they'll each do in the event one of them wins the PoV. Matt offers to use it on Parker if he wins, then boastfully DRs that he has no intention of doing any such thing. Better hope Parker gets evicted, then.

Wearing a cheesy ringmaster outfit, Joshua leads everyone out into the yard to explain the PoV competition. One member of each couple is going to be riding spread-eagled on a giant, angled turntable with a big heart painted on it. The other member will spin their partner, and the partner has to hold onto a handle while keeping a button pressed for 300 full revolutions. If the player on the turntable lets go of the button, that couple is done. The women mount the turntables (despite Natalie's stated "spinning" phobia, which is a new one on me) and the men set them to rotating. Allison is the first one to let go of her button after only 135 spins, and she staggers off the field, saying she lost her one guarantee of staying in the house. I think she underestimates Jen's ability to irritate everyone else. Matt and Natalie are in the lead, with Alex and Amanda in second. That is, until Amanda lets go of the button. She claims it was an accident, but in a DR, she says she threw the competition so they would appear weaker and not be such a big target. What, not to get even with Alex, a little bit? Because I could get behind that. It's down to Parker/Jen (with Jen obnoxiously egging Parker on) and Natalie/Matt (with Matt obnoxiously egging himself on, because Natalie's not up to it). Matt and Natalie win it, and Jen is disgusted with her partner. Jen immediately starts sucking up to Matt. Parker, of course, still thinks that Matt is going to save him based on what they talked about earlier. "However, I have different plans," Matt DRs.

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