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Secrets And Lies

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Secrets And Lies

Matt keeps selling this to Parker, as the two of them lounge shirtless in the love seat. Parker's confident, but Matt only has one caveat: gotta run it by "the wife," i.e. Natalie. Naturally, he states this in the most sexist terms possible.

Late at night in the HoH room, Alex and Amanda lie in bed in the dark as Alex proposes that if the two of them aren't going to have a physical or emotional relationship with each other, they shouldn't with anyone else, either. Which is awfully mature of him, seeing as how she has other prospects and he doesn't. So Amanda, pissed off, gets up and goes downstairs. She finds Chelsia in the kitchen, and they talk about Alex's jealousy. They also suspect that Alex is watching them on the monitor in the HoH room right now. Which, naturally, he is. Parker comes in, asking, "Is he watching?" Alex continues to watch from the bed as Amanda tells Parker what Alex said. Parker realizes that Alex is gunning for him, so he and Jen need Matt's veto even more than he thought. Alex? Still watching. Still creepy.

Matt and Natalie don their PoV necklaces to contemplate the memory wall. Matt wants to protect Parker, but Parker is partnered with Jen, who gets on everybody's nerves. Although it's not that so much as the fact that Jen wants to keep her boyfriend Ryan in the game. The credits roll before we learn what he and Natalie decide, but I'm thinking Ryan and Allison aren't likely to get vetoed.

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