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Rachel and Porsche celebrate in the storage room, and talk about Lawon's tearful reaction to Keith's eviction. Rachel tells Porsche all about her previous visit to the Have-Not room. To her credit, her account is more or less factually accurate. The only thing she gets wrong is in thinking it made her look cool. On the other hand, she has cemented her alliance with Porsche by telling her the other newbies all hate her.

Daniele thanks Kalia in a whisper, and asks who the other vote to evict Keith was. Kalia says everyone on her side thinks it was Adam. Because when there's a rat-vote, it's never the actual rat that people suspect.

Speaking of rats, Shelly visits Adam, advising him to ditch his partner Dominic and make a deal with the veterans, who are clearly going to be allowed to run this house until there no one left but them. She's DRs that she's trying to make him feel better, since she was the other one who flipped. The problem is that in soothing her guilty conscience, she tells Adam to stop trusting Dominic. Meanwhile, Dominic is telling Cassi that he's done trusting Adam, and he thinks that Adam already made a deal. They both agree that they can trust Shelly, however, who is currently telling Adam to throw Dominic under the proverbial bus. Adam gets the message. And Cassi is telling Dominic to go make his own deal. Dominic figures he's on his own, and that now his only hope is to go through Daniele. Wait, what?

Dominic wastes no time, going right to Daniele to say he doesn't trust any of the other newbies. They flirt. That's it.

Rachel's doing dishes. Cassi joins her at the sink. And there's a long, awkward silence. Rachel's uncomfortable about it, but Cassi's whole point is to show she's not intimidated. "Long day," she smiles at her nemesis. Advantage: Cassi.

Opening of Jordan's HoH room, which at this point has to include a clip from at least one person who hates having to go up there (Dominic in this case). Jordan reads her letter from home, which is pretty dull. Shelly's looking forward to her letter from her family. Yeah, I think she'll be seeing them in person long before that happens.

Everyone's hanging out in the backyard. Brendon comes out in his superhero outfit from the last PoV competition and mugs for the cameras. Dominic joins in with the little show so he can suck up. I'm sure their little performance is quite entertaining for people locked in a house with nothing to do, but I don't need to see it.

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