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Adam, who now considers the newbie alliance officially DOA, decides to approach Jordan and Jeff to make a deal. Adam admits that he voted to evict Porsche, but now he doesn't want to go home. He says his initial alliance fell apart, but if he gets the Golden Key this week he'll be grateful. Jeff doesn't seem entirely convinced, since he remembers how Adam lied to them about how he planned to vote last week. But THIS week Adam means it.Meanwhile, Dominic is working on Daniele, who is offering to help him. He rightly asks why she would do that, since he has nothing to offer her... except whatever he can do to eventually protect her from her fellow veterans, when the time comes. Eventually, after all, the two couples are going to turn on her. What neither of them is saying is that by that point there won't be a newbie left in the house anyway. "Stranger things have happened in the Big Brother house," she singsongs, like she's trying to get into a promo clip.

Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel are talking about who they think is running the newbie alliance. Jeff thinks it's Dominic, but Rachel thinks it's Cassi, for no other reason I can tell than that she doesn't like Cassi. So we can see how long Rachel's resolve to not play this season emotionally has lasted.

Time for the Have/Have-Not competition. Jordan comes out in a big ant costume. As a reminder to everyone, HoH Jordan, her partner Jeff, and Golden Key holders Porsche and Daniele are automatically Haves for the week. Everyone else heads out in giant, two-person "ant costumes" (actually just plus-sized black coveralls with big red ant-asses attached to the back) that they have to share. The backyard has been turned into a giant picnic blanket. All they'll have to do is race across the blanket and carry large Styrofoam crumbs back to their anthills. The first duo to move four of them gets to pick two other pairs to be this week's Have-Nots. The competition goes about as smoothly as you'd expect, with the partners falling all over each other, crawling through large cans, and getting sprayed in the face with ketchup and mustard. Brandon and Rachel take an early lead, with Adam and Dominic in second place and Shelly and Cassi in third. Adam and Dominic both do a lot of DRing about how uncomfortable it was for both of them. Yes, we know, you're NOT GAY. Lawon and Kalia are in last place, and miserable on top of it. The rankings are hold up throughout, and Rachel and Brendon win handily. At this point, Kalia's having a meltdown, trapped in a can with Lawon on top of her in their two-person coverall. Everyone stands around looking worried, because those are the skills they have to deal with situations like this.

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