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They're still there after the ads. Eventually a Big Brother medic comes out to cut them both out of the costume. Kalia admits in the DR that her tears were mostly from fear, but she's better now and will be back to her antics. Get it? ANTics?

Brendan names Dominic/Adam and Cassi/Shelly as the Have-Not's for this week. The Have-Not menu, as decided by America's Vote this week, is jelly beans and jerky on top of the standard slop. "Don't touch them, guys, that's gross," Dominic tells them. Adam's pretty pleased about getting jerky, though, not that he seems able to say so in non-Metal language. Next best thing to bacon, I guess.

Dominic goes into the HoH room to talk to Jeff and Jordan. He says he wants to make a deal with them, since he can't trust any of the other newbies, including his own partner. They just kind of stare at him and let him hang before laying it down and saying he has to vote their way. "Or you could go home now and not worry about that," Jeff says. Cold! Dominic says all he can offer is his loyalty, and all he can get in return is having to trust them. Jordan DRs that she still doesn't trust Dominic, thinking he's the erstwhile newbie leader, but they wrap things up like it was a good talk.

Next to visit them is Cassi, and Jeff says he doesn't know who "we're" putting up, like he's also HoH and not just Jordan, which is pretty much accurate. They exchange reassurances, up to and including Cassi agreeing to put up other new people if that's what Jeff and Jordan want. She also wants that to be kept a secret. Another good talk. Interesting how the only newbies not scrambling are the ones who've already flipped. Come on, newbies, just look at which of your former allies aren't freaking out and that'll tell you who's not on your side any more.

Later in the HoH room, Jeff and Jordan are suggesting booting Dominic, and Daniele makes the case for keeping Dominic, since he's "easy to manipulate" and Cassi is "causing drama." She doesn't mention that she likes flirting with Dominic, which I suspect is her real motivation. Daniele seems to sway Jeff, but Jordan is still thinking. Or about to fall asleep. They look the same on her.

It's Nomination Day, and Jordan has to pick a duo to nominate. Adam thinks he's about to be nominated. Shelly DRs that she's been working both sides. "Things change on a dime here. You're never safe. Ever." Dominic is hoping that he might have saved himself by talking to the veterans. Cassi doesn't think any of the "petty ridiculousness" between her and Rachel will affect Jordan. Jordan, meanwhile, is torn between her alliance and her gut. I'm glad her head didn't come into the debate, because that couldn't lead anywhere good with her. "I'm gonna go with what I think is best for me and Jeff," she VOs She calls everyone in for the nominations. With everyone sitting around the table, Jordan hauls in the giant key box. As we know, she and Jeff are safe, as are Daniele and Porsche with their Golden Keys. Not nominated are Brendon/Rachel, Shelly/Cassi, and Kalia/Lawon. That leaves Adam and Dominic as the nominees, and Jordan tells them it's strategic, since she doesn't know where their heads are. Well, it looks like she nominated the only pair that didn't cast a vote to keep Porsche.

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