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The Ultimate Bro-mance

Julie then asks how confident each of them is in wining a jury vote, on a scale of one to ten. Ryan guesses he's at a three, and lists some of the reasons people might not think he's deserving. Sheila starts to talk about the fights she's had with people, but Julie of course cuts that right off and just demands a number. That field requires a numeric input. So Sheila's says she's hoping for a four. Adam, more confident than both of them, lowballs it with a five. Well, that was illuminating.

Time to visit the jury house. Matt and Joshuah are bonding, Matt going as far as to call Josh his boy. "I'm your boy and your girl," Joshuah quips. Matt's been avoiding Natalie, which even she has noticed. Joshuah tries to bring the two of them together, and Matt offers Natalie a totally insincere apology. For once, she's not buying it. Everyone's still tense about the situation when Sharon comes in. Matt calls it as a victory for "Team Matty," since there's nobody left in the house except his allies. Big talk for a guy who got evicted in March.

Sharon pops in the DVD of the last eviction ceremony. Matt comments on Sheila's crying. "That's, like, her only move," he scoffs. Again, he's been in the jury house longer than anyone, but it's hard to disagree with him. As Sharon heads for the door on the jury house TV, everyone notices a subtle nod shared between Adam and Ryan, and correctly interpret its significance. Of course, what they'll be able to do about it at this point is precisely dick. Even Sharon realizes that she read the situation wrong, but still maintains that Ryan made a big mistake.

Ryan and Adam are set up for the final stage of the HoH competition. They're sitting on opposite sides of a partition in the living room as Julie explains the rules: they have to guess how people in the jury house completed certain statements, based on nothing but speculation. They have to guess between two possible choices, and then the editors show us the correct version being said by each jury member in an obviously staged and prompted clip. Ryan and Adam are in a tie until Ryan gets one right and Adam gets one wrong. That's the only one out of six that they answer differently, but it's enough to make Ryan the final HoH. Again, not looking good for Sheila.

After the ads, Julie tells the de facto nominees, Adam and Sheila, to plead their case to Ryan. Adam says something inarticulate about their longstanding partnership. Sheila of course weeps through her speech, making Ryan uncomfortable as she begs him to keep her in the house. So Ryan stands and says they're both deserving for different reasons. He goes on for so long that the eviction theme music actually runs out, but in the end, to nobody's surprise, Sheila is evicted. She doesn't so much leave the house as flow out like water down a drain. We don't know what Ryan and Adam say to each other immediately after she goes, because there's no audio. I'm sure it was completely filthy. They're the last two in the house.

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