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A Knight in Shining Vomit

"She is disgusting," Britney reports to Ragan, full of righteous indignation. Downstairs, Hayden sticks an oar in, and when Rachel takes another crack at Kathy, the latter retreats to the HoH room, where Ragan reminds her of Rachel's obnoxious behavior at her last HoH win. The editors also remind us, in case we forgot. Britney rejoins them with a snack and threatens to smack Kathy in the face if she apologizes to Rachel. "She is goin' home. Bye-bye," Kathy pronounces. I'm sure their only regret now is that Britney can't veto Brendon and have Matt nominate Rachel twice.

Ragan gets called into the DR and reads a few a saboteur suggestions off a laptop. One is to hide Rachel's hair extensions, but he refuses to touch them. And nobody would notice a change in smell if he hid stinky cheese under Brendon and Rachel's bed anyway. But turning Brendon and Rachel against each other? "That sounds playful. I'll go for it!"

Saboteur message. Everyone gathers in the living room to hear the disguised figure tell Rachel that Brendon has been throwing competitions in order to screw her over. "God, you jerk," Rachel laughs at Brendon, not buying it for a half-second. But after she leaves the room, Britney suggests that the saboteur is trying to get Brendon sent home, which makes Matt -- and everyone else -- think Rachel is the saboteur. Ragan's just glad that nobody suspects him, and now everybody is just more determined to boot Rachel.

That night, Rachel asks for a talk with Britney, who isn't sugar-coating anything. She says she has no plans to use the Veto. Rachel tries to bribe her with the $5,000 she won at last week's PoV, but Britney correctly says that would be bad PR for her on every imaginable level. Rachel suggests Kathy as a replacement nominee, but Britney says there's no way to save both of them, no matter what she does: "It wouldn't matter if they brought back Annie and she went up." Okay, she could sugar-coat it a little.

Rachel reports this back to Brendon, who promises Rachel that he's going to try to keep her there, but she insists she doesn't want to stay without him. "You don't have to be my knight all the time," she says, and he insists that he does, and he's going to tell her how it's going to be. Some more stuff happens, but I'm throwing up during most of it.

There's no charade of deliberation before Britney calls the PoV meeting, but Brendon DRs that he's going to do something drastic. Britney offers to let Brendon go first to plead his case, but he insists on Rachel going first, "as a gentleman." Britney chuckles awkwardly and plays along. Rachel appeals to what she thinks is Britney's friendship, and offers her the five thousand dollars to her if she uses it on either one of them. Britney gives the floor to Brendon, who stands up and calls Britney a "spoiled brat" and "selfish." He calls her out for talking with him and Rachel last week about putting up Matt and Ragan, and tells her that he assumes she'll do what's best for her. But he says that if she uses the Veto, use it on him. He sits down, and Britney just laughs. Rachel sits there in open-mouthed amazement at Brendon's display. Britney throws some choice words back at him and announces that she will not use the Veto.

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