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Julie starts the HoH Chenterview with Lane by asking if he's worried about any fallout from the Brigade after his decision to keep Britney off the block for the week. Lane says he trusts the Brigade, but Britney's looking pretty good for a final two partner. Julie asks if he's really as dumb as he's been pretending to be, and he basically says he's only about half that dumb. At least I think that's what he said. Listening to his answer may have made me dumber. She also gets him to admit that he'd rather take Hayden to the final two than Enzo, which isn't exactly breaking news.

Back to the house so Ragan and Hayden can make their final pleas. Ragan gives shout-outs to his family, including his late father Len, and promises a batch of "ooey gooey yummy cookies" (a reference, I assume, to Rachel's taunting him with them during her visit a few weeks ago when he was a Have-Not) waiting for them at the jury house if he leaves tonight. Hayden sucks up to everyone, and reminds them of a snowboarding trip to Steamboat in January no matter what happens. Well, if one thing happens, Hayden's buying.

Enzo votes first, and it's no surprise that he votes to evict Ragan. Britney also "sadly vote[s] to evict my dear friend Ragan.

So he couldn't quite pull it off, because none of these Thursday-night campaigns ever works out. Julie breaks the news to the house, and Ragan hugs the final four before excitedly going off to meet Julie Chen. He hugs her while everyone left in the house hugs each other. This is too much hugging, dude.

Out on the studio couch, Julie asks Ragan why his sales pitch didn't work. Ragan says the group was tighter-knit than he thought, and thinks they made a mistake. Ragan gives them credit for having more loyalty than most seasons, and actually admires them for getting rid of him. Well, that's refreshing, not blaming everyone for cowardice or stupidity or whatever. But then he kind of undercuts it by saying they all knew he would have won had he made it to the final four. Regarding his suspicions of a secret alliance in the house, Julie asks why he didn't act on them sooner. Ragan admits that he would have liked to keep Kristen, but he wanted to protect Matt. Speaking of whom, Julie asks of Ragan whether he regrets doing so. Of course Ragan didn't see the footage we saw from the jury house so Ragan still has the Matt-blinders on, even calling him an "excellent human being," and calling Matt closer to him than his three brothers. Can't wait to hear his reaction to Matt's confession. If Rachel gives him a chance to make one, that is. And then we get the anticlimax of hearing Ragan say he'll use his $20,000 saboteur fee to buy a car.

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